Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by AwesomePieMan...)

You can’t stop yourself. By the time your brain catches up you’re already making out with Rachel while fingering her pink little pussy.

“Ahhh! Are we seriously gonna do it here babe?” she moans.

“I can’t stop myself Rachel! Those shits pissed me off so much! I need to fuck you, right here, right now!”

Just as you are about to continue her best friend Monica enters the bathroom. “What’s with all the commotion in here?”

She stops and stares at you with a blush on her face. Your face contorts into a feral grin as an idea pops into your head… well both of them actually.

You get on your knees and start eating Rachel out. “Rachel, while I’m having a snack, I want you to explain to Monica everything that happened.”

“Ahhhh! Well y-you see we wanted to, fuck, spice up our sex lives, ahh right there, and thought that we c-could fuck in here, ohhhh… babe so good!”

Getting eaten out while Monica watches seems to be a big turn on for your girlfriend. She is sopping wet! Not that you are complaining.

“Ahh, then a b-bunch of those old pervs from our floor showed up, ahhhhh, and w-wanted to fuck meeeee!” She lets out a cute little squeal when she cums. You lap up all of her yummy juices and decide not to give her a break.

“Fuuuck! A-and then my sexy, s-studly boyfriend Ross, ahhh, scared them off and j-jumped me like a f-fucking horny, ohhh, animal!”

You remove your mouth from her pretty pink pussy and looked at Monica. Her face is flushed and her left hand is being used to support her on a sink, all the while she is eagerly fingering her pussy. Also those black flower lace stockings of hers are sexy as hell! You’ll have to ask her where she got them from so you can buy some for Rachel’s birthday. After today she is really going to appreciate having some sexy undies for when you start playing!

“Ross please don’t stop! I want it!” begs Rachel.

Daww! She is whining like a cute little puppy that’s had its toy taken away from it. How can you say no to that?

While you contemplate whether you should continue eating her out, or maybe fuck her, or perhaps get Monica to join in, you suddenly remember that you are in a women’s restroom. What if some of her colleagues walk in (preferably the female ones) or her boss? And wasn’t there some sissy guy that worked with her as well?