Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Before Rachel can get herself reoriented to her surroundings after that immense orgasm, at least two pairs of hands lift her off the man’s giant but deflating cock.

Rachel finds herself being laid on top of another man, her hips astride his. A moment later a second big cock, not quite as big as the first, but impressive nonetheless, pushes into her and starts to pump away. Rachel is about to say something, but his big penis feels so good inside her very wet vagina so she braces herself by putting her arms out to either side of the man to keep her body stable help the efforts of the man underneath her.

Rachel has a fleeting thought that something is not quite right about what she’s doing but is soon overwhelmed as the fertility drugs and the ecstasy reach peak power and all Rachel cares about is how the penis inside her is giving her so much pleasure, and how desperately she needs it to fill her with semen.

“Mmmmmm… you feel so good inside me…” Rachel says with her eyes closed as the man’s cock accelerates in her pussy.

“Take it! Take it all!” the man says as he takes a deep breath and pumps even harder into her.

Another man steps up behind them and spitting on his cock and then on her asshole, places his equally large cock at the entrance to Rachel’s anal cavity. The man times it to perfection and pushes into her ass as the other man’s cock pulls out making it easier for him to enter her. Not being gentle at all, the man pushes into her until his curly black hair is pressed up against the top of her asscrack.

Rachel turns her head to look at the man behind the anal intrusion as she groans, “oh my god you’re black!”

“Yeah girl… feel my black anaconda in your ass!” the man says to her and begins to pump into her asshole just as fast as the man in her pussy.

A third man steps up to her face with a cock more the size of yours and jams it into her mouth. Before Rachel can pull away the man grabs her head with both hands and pulls her face toward his crotch as his hips slam forward.

“Mmmrrrmmppphh!” Rachel gurgles as the man face-fucks her, the tip of his cock tapping the back of her throat each time he pulls her face into his very hairy crotch.

The man in her throat doesn’t last long and shoots his load as deep inside her mouth as possible. Rachel struggles to breathe for a few seconds as her nose is pressed into the man’s ripe smelling crotch as he shoots his meager load right onto her tonsils. Rachel swallows it all and the man pulls out of her mouth with a loud grunt of conquest.

He is quickly replaced by another cock, but this second one is much bigger. At least two inches longer and to Rachel, what feels like twice as thick. She struggles to accommodate his girth in her mouth and when the tip of the man’s penis reaches the back of her throat, she gags as it tries to go deeper into her throat.

As the second man in her mouth works on her, the man in her pussy shudders, pulls her down hard and empties his nuts into your girlfriend’s pussy, inseminating her with another batch of sperm. The black man in her asshole continues to fuck her pussy until the man in her pussy shrinks and falls out of her pussy. Seeing his opportunity, the black man switches holes and pumps into her with loud grunts.

“Uuugghhh… take my seed! Take this black cum!” the man says as his body spasms with his cock balls deep inside your girlfriend’s blonde pussy.