Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Oh my God that feels so good!” Rachel says out loud as she squeezes hard on the big black penis inside her vagina filling her with sperm. Somewhere inside her she feels this is not like her, but right now she doesn’t really care. All she wants is for the good feelings to continue.

As she is thinking this, the black man pulls out of her pussy. As the combined jism oozes out of her well-used pussy, she is lifted up off the man underneath her and another man takes his place. She quickly sits back down to be a bit disappointed as this one is more like your cock, but there is a lot of enthusiasm so she doesn’t complain. Especially when another cock enters her asshole and begins to pump into her as hard as they can.

Rachel never knew how much she liked anal sex and chided herself for always discouraging you when you wanted to fuck her asshole. Rachel makes a mental note to let you fuck her ass often when she got back home. Rachel also loved how full she felt when there were two penises inside her two holes. The sensation of having two shafts pumping into her was like nothing she’s ever experienced before and she vowed to make it happen more often.

That’s when a third cock was pushed into her mouth, then a fourth. Throwing discretion and caution to the wind, Rachel sucked on each cock in turn, bathing them with copious amounts of her saliva and loving the slick feeling of her lips gliding over their hard shafts. Rachel sucked as hard as she could to be rewarded with a very large load of cum. It was so much she gagged and at least half of it spilled out of her mouth to dribble down her chin.

Rachel didn’t care and kept sucking for all she was worth. The other man pulled his cock out of her mouth and sprayed his equally large load of cum all over her face, ropes of it landing on her nose, eyes, forehead and cheeks as well as inside her mouth. Impulsively, Rachel reached up with her hands and rubbed the cum into her skin.

This sex merry-go-round continued for another three hours with each man cumming inside her mouth, asshole or pussy then bowing out for another man to replace them until they could get their cock hard again. Each man fucked each of her orifices at least once and every one of them came inside her unprotected pussy at least once.

The seven black men in the party came inside her pussy only, the men having discussed amongst themselves that they would improve the odds of her getting pregnant with a black baby by depositing as many loads of black cum into her fertile body as possible. Each man came five times inside your girlfriend, giving a better than 75% chance that she would conceive a black baby tonight.