Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

As Rachel reaches her hotel room and enters she finds it empty. Looking at her phone for the first time in hours she finds three messages from you.

Two hours ago:

“Hey babe! The repair crew just arrived and they are working on the problem. Hope you are having fun dancing for those guys at the bachelor party. Keep your panties on and save some for me!”

One hour ago:

“LOL… too much fun to text your horny boyfriend back? It looks like they are almost finished. Can’t wait to see you.”

Five minutes ago:

“They just finished… the train is moving and I should get there in about 35 min. You’re probably sleeping off the alcohol. See you soon!”

Rachel looks at the clock and sees she has almost thirty minutes until you arrive. She goes into the bathroom and sees herself in the mirror for the first time since going into the bachelor party. She begins to cry uncontrollably at what she’s done. She’s fucked fifteen men at a bachelor party and let them fill her with their sperm over and over again for over four hours.

Rachel turns on the shower and washes herself, carefully washing out her vagina which refuses to stop leaking sperm. This worries her but she dries off and dries her hair. Rachel then gets into bed and tries to go to sleep, but her vagina continues to leak semen, and no matter how often she wipes it away it keeps leaking. Rachel finally gives up and lets her vagina flow, knowing it will eventually stop.

Just as she falls asleep, you get to the room and enter. Finding your girlfriend sleeping in the room makes you feel better and you quietly put your things down, get undressed and slip into the bed next to her. Because you are tired from your ordeal you quickly fall asleep as well.

You wake up to Rachel snuggling into your hairy chest. She smells like sex and hotel soap, which gets your morning wood roaring. You maneuver her body on top of yours, which she doesn’t refuse and you push into her pussy as you usually would, without any condoms. You feel you deserve sex without protection today for having gone through so much to get to her and this expensive hotel.

You find her pussy is very wet and literally leaking… and you love how it feels. You’ve never seen her so excited she oozes such thick lubricant from her pussy. She is usually pretty dry and it takes a while for her to warm up. You chalk it up to the romantic environment and begin to pump in and out of your girlfriend.

You think to yourself how her super-excited juices feel so similar to cum. For some reason you begin to imagine in your head that this was last night and how your faithful girlfriend just finished fucking every man at the bachelor party, letting them fill her up with their cum. Imagining her slippery gooey juices might be other men’s cum gets you harder than you’ve ever been.

Using the fantasy, you begin to pump faster and faster into her. Rachel stays quiet and you just kiss her blonde hair as you continue to fuck her hard. Her pussy fees different today… fuller or maybe a bit puffy. Your sex crazed mind imagines her pussy is swollen from all the cocks having fucked her before you and your balls twitch in anticipation of your release. You love the feeling of fucking your girlfriend’s tight pussy bareback and start pumping even harder as you imagine adding your load to all the loads of sperm from the other men who just fucked her.

Your orgasm creeps up suddenly and you don’t have time to pull out until you’ve shot three pulses into her. When you pull out there is a massive gush of cum that literally pours out of her pussy. More than any other time you’ve cum before. Believing it is all your cum, you mentally pat yourself on the back for being such a man, but what actually happened was a particularly thick glob of cum from last night had been plugging up a huge cache of the combined 50 loads or so of sperm-filled cum. This cum plug was dislodged when you fucked her, allowing her the cum from her uterus to be pushed out by the natural tightness of your girlfriend’s organs, adding to the meager load you just deposited.

Because there was so much cum already inside her uterus from the first man who fucked her, most of the cum behind the first load was pushed out of her, leaving mostly just the first load inside her babymaker. Rachel’s cervical opening snapped shut after a few seconds, trapping that first load and keeping it securely inside her body.

“Damn Rachel… do you see how much I came inside you? Maybe we just made a baby!” you say as you lift her chin up to kiss her and find her quietly sobbing.

“What’s the matter?” you ask ignorantly.

“I… I… Just love you Ross…” Rachel says and leans her head back on your chest.

You think to yourself female hormones are a bitch… and imagine your girlfriend’s flat belly growing with your baby.

Rachel did get pregnant and you celebrated with her and told the entire family how one fateful night brought your third child to you. She spent the remainder of the pregnancy in constant anxiety thinking what would happen if she delivered a black baby.

She actually ended up delivering a healthy white baby boy. Rachel realized she must have been impregnated by the first white man with the big penis as she had her first orgasm of the night with that man and his sperm was pumped into her womb first.

All her anxieties relieved, Rachel cried in joy at her luck preserving her family. Even though the boy grew up and the differences in his looks was more and more apparent every year, her side of the looks on him were enough to keep suspicion away… all was good.

Once in a while, when Rachel looked upon her third boy, she shuddered from her vagina remembering the giant penis that gave that child to her.

The End