Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You stare at your beautiful and once pristine girlfriend all tied up and passed out from your dildo assault and wonder what you should do to her to push the boundaries of her sexuality even more. Then it hits you. Random strangers off the street can fuck her! You pat yourself on the back and leave the house to find some.

It’s a lot harder than you imagined. You thought men would jump at the chance to fuck a beautiful tied up woman, but after two hours and finding no one you find yourself in a sketchy part of town. You find a group of black guys hanging out on a street corner and stop your car.

“Hey! Any of you interested in fucking my tied up girlfriend? No strings attached and the only condition is that whatever you do to her can’t be permanent,” you say to them.

Bingo! The guys say yes and all fifteen of them pile into their cars and follow you home.

You walk them in to the bedroom and Rachel’s eyes get huge.

“Ross! What are you doing? Who are these guys? Get me out of these ropes!” Rachel practically screams.

“Yo bros! This bitch has got some heat!” one of the black guys comments as he starts to shed his clothing.

“Like I said guys. Whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt her and it’s not permanent,” you encourage them.

“No no no no no… you can’t do this! This is rape!” your beautiful blonde girlfriend says.

“No it ain’t little girl… you asked your man to tie you up and do whatever he wanted. As far as I can tell… that’s consent!” a huge black guy says as he strips down to his birthday suit. His cock is equally huge and hangs between his legs like an elephant trunk.

This cues the other guys to strip and most of them are easily ten inches long and at least three times as thick as you. The men get on the bed and start to surround your girlfriend. Their hands roam every inch of her tied up body before one of them dives in to suck on her pussy.

“Oh my God! What are you doiiinnnnnnnggggg… nnngghhhh…” Rachel says as the black man sucks and slurps loudly with her entire pussy covered by his mouth.

Some of the guys start to untie her after trying to get access to parts of her body and failing.

“You’re untying her?” you ask timidly.

“Yeah bra… we can handle one small white girl without any ropes man…” he says.

Rachel squirms and struggles for only a few moments before she realizes the man is right. There is no way she was getting out of being gangbanged by a large group of very well endowed black street thugs. Rachel seems to have accepted her fate as the men take turns sucking on various parts of her body and rubbing their huge cocks all over her.

“Gimme some of that white pussy…” a deep voice rumbles and steps in to place between your girlfriend’s legs. The biggest guy of the group with his monster cock picks up your girlfriend and switches places with her to lay on the bed. Keeping her in his arms he moves her so she’s in riding position. His giant cock pressing against her ass crack.

The black cock is so big it reaches the top of Rachel’s downward triangle tribal tramp stamp that ends at her coccyx. You are sure that much cock cannot fit inside your girlfriend’s tiny body as he grabs Rachel’s hips and lifts her up to line up his cock. Using one hand to hold your girlfriend still, he lodges his enormous cockhead at the entrance to Rachel’s pussy then pulls her down onto him.

“Aaaahhhhh…”Rachel let’s out in a high pitched wail as she is stretched out almost as wide as when she gave birth to your two boys. His cock continues to go into your girlfriend, inch after inch. Incredibly she takes all of him inside herself. Her lips are stretched out so much they are white and her ass cheeks are twitching, but he is balls deep in her.

“Gawd Damn bitch took my whole dick! And she’s so fucking tight!” The man fucking her says as he pulls her toward him so her perfect boobs are within reach of his mouth.

“Imma gonna suck her tits until they give me milk!” he says as his big lips clamp down on a tit. He should be happy cause Rachel still nurses your youngest boy from time to time and still produces a good deal of milk.

“Mmmmmm… her milk is sweet!” the man says as his thick black lips clamp down on her hard nipple. Another man leans in to suck in her other nipple and tit, adding to the dirt man’s sentiment, “yeah man… her milk is delicious. I could suck out her milk all day!”

The big black cock starts to move in and out of Rachel and you can see her labia being dragged out and stretched along his thick black veiny shaft. It only takes a few pumps of his cock to get her juicing on him so much his entire shaft is wet and shiny.

Rachel does her best to moan but the two huge black cocks in her mouth competing for real estate only allows her occasional muffled noises. The man in her pussy is now pounding away at her overstretched and over penetrated pussy with abandon. You’re pretty sure he won’t last long.

Another black man with an equally long but thinner cock lines up at Rachel’s asshole and pushes his way in. He doesn’t just push the tip in, he slams his entire length into her balls-deep so his big black wrinkly sack bumps up against the man under her like billiards balls.

Rachel snaps her head back in a loud scream of pain when her anus is penetrated by giant black cock. Rachel’s virgin asshole stretches tightly around the man’s invading cock, the color drained from the puckered opening.

“Fuuuuccckkk! This bitch’s ass is tighter than a mofo! You all gotta have some of this!” The man says as his cock begins to accelerate without a care to what’s happening with your girlfriend who’s practically having a seizure from the pain in her ass.

The man doesn’t last long and jams himself balls-deep to empty his balls of his cum deep inside your girlfriend. You can see the base of his cock pulsing and swelling with each ejaculation of sperm and semen into her. The man reaches around her head, pulls her to him, makes her open her mouth, and with his big cock still balls deep inside her, hocks a huge mouthful of his hazy, bubbly yellow-green spit the size of an Oreo cookie and spits into Rachel’s mouth. He closes her mouth and makes her swallow it.

The man slowly pulls his cock out of her asshole like a big thick snake, lingering for a moment with just the head of his cock still inside her as if to say, “I don’t wanna go!” Then he pulls the rest of the way out.

There is a thick yellowish cum that flows out of her ass… a combination of her dirty ass juices and his cum. It flows over the thicker cock currently pumping in and out of her pussy and begins to coat it. The black cock in her pussy begins to take on a yellowish tinge as the man keeps fucking into her pussy.

All of a sudden the man in her asshole pulls out, slams his cock into her still slightly gaped asshole and makes your girlfriend cry out in horror as the massive cock penetrates her depths.

The man fucks her asshole for thirty seconds, pulls out slams it back into her pussy, fucks her pussy for thirty seconds, then slams it back into her yellow cum and shit-juice leaking asshole. This goes on several more times until he simply alternates every pump of his cock back and forth between her asshole and pussy.

Soon it’s hard to distinguish which hole has more of the yellow shit-cum combination leaking… her pussy or asshole.

“Nngghhh… god damn! Your fucking holes are nice! Here I cum bitch! Take this horse cock’s thick black cum in yo pussy!” The black man grunts as his cock plows balls-deep into her unprotected pussy and fills her with his black seed.