Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Diesel...)

Maria lays there quivering, the sticky liquid glistening on her skin. Your girlfriend dreamily runs her fingers thru it, wiping it around the girls pussy lips and down her crack. She teases the young girl’s clit, stirring her arousal. “Do you want to try something else Maria, something he’ll really like?”

The girl is putty in her hands. “Yes. Yes. That felt amazing. You mean there’s other kinds of feel good stuff too?” she asks innocently, naively.

“Roll over and I’ll show you. Let me see that cute little butt!”

Maria rolls over as she’s told, exposing her fine teen ass. It’s so tight and perfect your cock starts to swell again. “What are you going to do?”

Rachel teases Maria’s backside by running her cum covered fingers up and down the girls crack. Slowly she starts to spread her cheeks, exposing her tiny little dark skinned butthole, then traces it with her fingers. Maria is starting to get excited; her breathing quickens and she ever so slightly grinds back a bit against the finger. She pulls her a little farther apart then slides in with her tongue and starts to lick Maria’s ass. Maria moans while the tongue pounds into her behind, your girlfriend tongue fucking her ass deep. Maria starts to rub her clit and in no time is orgasming.

Your meat is raging hard by now and your cock looks huge next to her little tushy. “Okay Maria, here comes his favorite part! Spit on his dick and get it nice and wet.”

Maria does as ordered and spits on your hard-on, drool encompassing the head. Your girlfriend guides your dick towards Maria’s virgin asshole, rubbing Maria’s drool with her own spit as she rubs your head against the outer rim.

“Oh my god, that will never fit!” Maria quips.

“Don’t worry honey, I’ll be gentle. You’ll stretch out as we go. If it hurts you we’ll just stop there until you can calm down. For today, just try and get the tip in.” You don’t think you’ll last much past the tip anyways, she so smoking hot with your cock in her ass.

Slowly you push a bit, Maria grinding back to take it. She must be really turned on because it doesn’t take long for the head of your cock to pop past her ring and into her anal passage. Slowly you slide in and out, in and out. She takes it halfway up her butt before she clinches up, pushing you over the edge. You start to throb and pulse and soon your cum is spurting up her ass like crazy.

Spent, you slide it out, her asshole gaping a bit as the splooge spill out. Rachel leans in and starts to lick again, lapping up the anal creampie you just deposited in this eighteen-year-old’s ass. Maria sinks down and moans in bliss.