Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Yo man! Let me at that white pussy bra!” another black man says as he taps his buddy on the shoulder.

“Yeah man… get yo little black sperm deep in that bitch. We gonna breed some fine black babies in that tight little belly of hers!” the big man says as he moves out of the way, but leans in to roughly kiss your girlfriend. You see his thick pink tongue moving around inside her cheeks, her deep blue eyes wide in surprise.

The black man at her pussy jams his long thick into your girlfriend, forcing a gush of the previous man’s cum out of her abused blonde pussy. The big man kissing her breaks off when her body begins rocking back and forth to see his cum pooling in the crack between her toned cheeks and scoops up a large dollop of it and feeds it to her. You can see it has a brown tinge to it from her ass juices that were fucked into her pristine pussy and mixed with the man’s cum.

The black man jams his fingers into Rachel’s mouth, making her gag. It’s incredible how far his large fingers go. “Eerrruuuuuckkkk!” is the sound Rachel makes as the man’s large black fingers push into her throat so far you can see her throat distended.

The man spends the next few minutes finger fucking your girlfriend’s mouth and throat. Rachel vomits a large amount of clear and thick mucus from her throat that flows out of the corners of her mouth and sticks to everything. The black man takes a moment to rub the thick bubbly mucus into her face, hair, neck and chest each time more gets ejected from her throat from him jamming his thick black fingers down her throat.

“Aaarrgghhh!” the man in her pussy growls as he slams his cock balls-deep in your girlfriend and releases his pent up sperm at the entrance to her unprotected womb. “Next brother! Get to it man!” he says as his long black snake slithers out of your girlfriend. It’s amazing how deep Rachel’s pussy is. The man must be at least nine inches and she easily took all of him inside her.

The next man steps right up and although this man is a bit shorter, he is much thicker. You can see Rachel’s pussy lips drain of color from being stretched thin around his girth.

Suddenly the big man who was finger fucking your girlfriend’s mouth and throat straddles her head from the top, he grabs his mostly hard giant black cock and slaps her face a few times to get it fully hard. Scraping up a bunch of the mucus on her face, the man rubs it into his shaft, then reaches under Rachel’s neck and pulls up so her chin is higher than her forehead. Lining up the tip of his enormous cock with her small mouth, the man begins to push into her.

“No… please… no… I can’t…” Rachel gets out before the man flicks his gargantuan hip forward forcing the head of his cock and at least three inches of his shaft into her mouth.

“Mmmmmpphhhhh!” Rachel moans as her chest heaves and gags as her body attempts to remove the invading foreign object trying to enter her throat. The black man is determined to fuck her throat with his mammoth cock and pushes forward with his hips as he uses both hands under her neck and behind her head to push her mouth and throat onto him. In this position, your girlfriend and her body had no way of preventing that enormous object from entering her esophagus.

There is a moment of no movement, the first third of his cock in your girlfriend’s mouth, the remaining two thirds of his cock almost vibrating from the resistance the muscles at the back of Rachel’s mouth are putting up. With a sudden jolt, his cock slides a few inches deeper, finally having penetrated her throat. Rachel’s body begins to shiver and shake, her arms extended fully with her fingers spread out fully.

Holding her head firmly in his huge hands, the man forces the remaining length of his cock into Rachel’s throat and you can see his cock traveling down her neck, the outline of his cockhead clearly visible as it goes deeper into her body.

Eventually the cockhead goes deep enough into her that it is no longer visible, but the color of her throat has changed to a bright red, the veins in it swelling and becoming very pronounced. The man pushes even more into her, his giant testicles eventually covering her nose and eyes.

Feeling his giant cock could go no further into Rachel’s mouth and throat, the man begins to take rapid rabbit strokes into her.

“Mmrph! Mmrph! Mmrph!” Rachel grunts as the man fucks her throat with his long thick cock. Rachel’s face is becoming a deep red from the lack of oxygen, he body continues to convulse as the man between her legs says, “Gawd damn! The bitch’s pussy can grip boy! It’s like a fuckin’ vice grip! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Take my cum in yo pussy! Make me yo baby’s daddy!” And he cums over and over again, filling her up with his load of sperm.

The man in her throat accelerates to almost a blur and you’re beginning to get concerned he might break her nose with the speed and power of his thrusts that slam up against her face.

“Arrrggghhhhhhhhh!” the man in her throat growls as he pushes in impossibly hard into your girlfriend’s face as he cums hard. You can see his butt cheeks flexing with each pulse of cum his body shoots deep into your girlfriend’s belly. He pulls back about half way after a couple seconds of cumming into her and you can see the outline of his cockhead on your her neck again. He slams back into her one more time, holds himself there for a few more seconds as his body shudders, then he pulls out of her mouth.

“Phuuaaahhhhh!” Rachel takes in a deep breath, then begins to cough so violently that she vomits all over herself. There is only thick mucus tinged with yellow bile and streaks of thick white jism that flows over her chin and runs down to her neck. The black man uses his hand to scoop it back up and put it back into her mouth. He then uses both hands to clamp her mouth shut and hold her nose.

“Better not let my cum outta yo body bitch. I want it to stay deep inside yo ass!” the man says.

Rachel swallows hard and retches again but doesn’t vomit anymore.