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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

As your girlfriend pauses to consider her response, cum dripping from her face and freshly-fucked pussy, two more big black cocks poke through the holes. “I think I want to stay,” she says as she guides the bigger of the two black cocks into her pussy, moaning as she slowly slides back until she’s fully engulfed the cock in her pussy. She reaches out and starts giving the one on front of her a hand job, while the other hand is on the floor supporting her body in its bent over position.

You watch as Rachel’s beautifully rounded ass bounces and jiggles each time she slides forward and then slams back. You’ve always thought she had a perfect peach-shaped bubble butt and amazingly proportioned hips, but since you and her almost exclusively fucked in the missionary position, you find the sight of her in a doggy position, bouncing on a stranger’s cock mesmerizing.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” your girlfriend yells, and presses her ass hard against the wall, and you can hear the sound of the big black cock slamming into her faster until you hear grunting on the other side of the wall and realize the another man has cum in her pussy bareback. With a shuddering moan, you girlfriend moves forward, and the cock pulls out and another stream of cum drains from her pussy. She turns around and the process repeats itself as she slides onto the cock poking through the hole on the opposite wall, and begins jacking off the next black cock that appears through the first hole.

You start jerking your own cock while watching about the fifth time this cycle is repeated, cumming on Rachel’s face as the eighth load is blasted into her pussy.

Three hours and probably a good fifty cocks later, your girlfriend collapses onto the floor of the glory hole room, laying in a growing puddle of cum, with still more steadily streaming from her abused pussy.

When it becomes clear that nothing more will happen, the cocks currently poking through the holes disappear, and you hear a knock on the door. You open it, and the two men offer to help you take Rachel to your car.