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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Blackdove085...)

“I want to try sexting at work!” Rachel blurts out with a blush on her face.

This causes your eyes to widen. Your girlfriend never likes it when you get sexual in public. Hell, even joking about it makes her uptight.

“Too much to ask?” she questions. She bites her lip, feeling like she’s said too much.

“N-no!” you reassure her as you sit up. “I would fucking love it. You just caught me off guard is all.” You place your hand on her cheek. “Nothing would turn me on more because of how much of a tease you can be,” you tell her. Another reason is because it gets boring as hell at the office.

“Great! We’ll try it out tomorrow,” she says, giving your lips a quick peck. “I also know what dress to wear and everything!”

All you do is nod. You know not to ask, because she will just tell you to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Rachel notices just how hard you’ve gotten and a sexy smile forms on her face as she crawls over towards you. She rests her head against your hip and takes your cock in her hand.

“What are you doing?” you ask with a smile on your face, not that you have any complaints. She just gives you a smile before giving your cock a quick lick.

“Just giving an early thank you,” she replies, before popping your cock in her mouth. She starts giving a long blow job, mainly using her tongue to tease, and only occasionally sucking on the head.

When you finally cum she lets it hit her face, something you have always asked her to do for you, but she would always tell you “maybe another time.”

Something has changed with your girlfriend. Now you are really excited about tomorrow.