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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RedWater...)

“You are not that bad, slave,” you moan while Rachel sucks you enthusiastically. You never imagined that your girlfriend could do such a good blowjob. She’s never gone further then two inches but with this little game she is ready to go much further.

“Mmmm… Nice slut,” you moan a few seconds later as you sense her gagging around your meat. You can’t say if it’s a honest reflex or she is acting but you couldn’t care less. The feeling is wonderful and you will not need much time to come and… It is too early. There’s one thing she’s never allowed you to do, calling it too nasty. It is anal… Will she give it to you?

“Whore, I am bored with your pathetic skills.” You are lying because the ongoing blowjob is one of the best you ever had. “Stop it and get on all fours, master wants to screw your ass.”

Amazingly, Rachel does as she told. Seconds later she is offering her backside to you and doesn’t even say anything!

Will you take her ass now? If you do, will you be gentle or rough?