Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

There was so much semen deposited at the entrance to Rachel’s womb that John could feel her vaginal walls expand, and his sperm filled cum swirling around as her cervix vibrated against the tip of his cock. John was very surprised none of his cum leaked out of his blonde employee’s amazing pussy because with his wife, a lot of his cum always leaked. Then Rachel’s pussy squeezed his cock starting at the base of his shaft and moved up from the base of his cock toward her womb as if her pussy was milking the remaining cum from his balls.

Rachel’s pussy continued the upward pattern of squeezing John’s cock for several minutes, which drained what remained of his second ejaculation from his vas deferens. Her pussy’s miraculous squeezing also kept John’s cock stimulated and mostly hard.

John wondered at his employee’s amazing pussy… how strong and skilled it was at keeping him hard.

“Rachel… your pussy is a miracle of nature. It’s a gift from God and I want my cock in it all the time,” John says to Rachel.

Cupping John’s face in her small hands, Rachel responds, “Oh John… as much as that would delight me… I can’t just give myself to you all the time. What would happen to Ross and me? What would happen to me and my children?”

“Nothing. Ross doesn’t have to know we are sharing our bodies everyday — for all he needs to know, you are just going to work. And I know my wife would be relieved that she could take a bit of a break from having to please my restless cock all the time,” John says confidently.

Rachel kisses her boss for a couple minutes, enjoying the feeling of her vagina stretched around his still very hard penis before responding, “Oh John, I would love that too, but then I’d be cheating on Ross… and… I have to let you know that I don’t believe in any type of birth control except the pull-out method which the Church says is the only way that’s allowed. I’m already worried about how much of your sperm is inside from what we’ve done so far. If we did this everyday all the time, I’m sure to become pregnant with your baby!”

John listened intently, kissed Rachel back for a couple minutes, slowly pumping his cock in and out of her pussy again before answering as he continued to slowly fuck his vulnerable employee. “Would having my baby be so bad?”

This shocked Rachel. She had always believed John would only want to have children with his wife, and to hear he would want her to have one of his made her heart flutter. Before her logical brain could formulate the responsible answer, as if she could form any knobs of logical answer while his two inch thick penis was sawing in out of her several inches every two seconds she heard herself say, “No John… it would be wonderful to have your children.”

“Then it’s settled. I’ll tell my wife you and I are going to do this every day and make you pregnant,” John says. He stands up, turns and maneuvers them into missionary position to fuck her in earnest.

“Oh my God… Oh John… Oh my God… you’re so hard inside me… nnnggghhhhh…” Rachel utters before her ability speak deteriorates and all she can do is grunt as John pounds his huge pole into her body.

It only takes John a few more minutes before he blasts her cervix again with a sizable load of his sperm.

Keeping his shrinking penis inside her swollen and cum-soaked vagina John lies on top of his thrice-inseminated employee, enjoying the afterglow of amazing fucking.

John finds Rachel’s lactating nipples and really takes his time to suck and feast on the milk she produces. John found he hungered for this blonde woman’s milk like a 220 pound newborn baby. He could drink from her all day long.

And he did. John spent more than thirty minute sucking and drinking from Rachel’s breasts, alternating between the two when one ran dry. Rachel had never felt so drained before in her life even when she was breast feeding both of her boys at the same time. John’s powerful adult suction was overstimulating her milk glands into overproduction. Rachel wondered at how good her breasts felt to be so completely drained for so long and found herself enjoying and hoping John would drain her breasts like this all the time.

Just as John’s wife had granted them, Rachel and John spent the rest of the day on the couch in his office fucking and putting forth their best effort at making her pregnant with John’s baby… at least that’s what John was saying to Rachel.

Although John had thought of taking his blonde employee’s ass, he reversed his thinking and concentrated on filling her pussy with as much sperm as his body would produce, which was a lot. In the six remaining hours of the work day, Rachel and John had sex for nearly 4 of those hours. John fucked Rachel nearly a dozen times, filling her body with a healthy load of his cum each time.

John regretfully watched as his beautiful blonde employee got dressed in front of him. He looked on in amazement as her cum-soaked pussy literally oozed a stream of his deposited cum on the patch of her underwear as she was pulling it up into her crotch, then watched as she pulled the wet fabric tightly against her still-cum-leaking crotch. John watched as a dark wet patch formed and grew in size in the crotch material of her pink underwear. He then could see as Rachel was pulling up her pants that his cum was soaking through the underwear and was threatening to drip onto the crotch fabric of her pants.

“Mmmmm… your semen keeps dripping out of me. I feel so wet down there!” Rachel says as she picks up her shirt.

Before Rachel could pull it over her head, John pulls Rachel to him to suck on her breasts again. Although he didn’t get much more milk from her, John just had to taste her again one last time before letting her go. John could see her nipples were swollen pink and raw from all of the sucking he had done throughout the day.

“Oh John… my nipples are so sensitive. Please be gentle…” Rachel meekly pleads as she lets John have his way with her body one last time.