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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by machete01...)

“Hey buddy — look, how about you can get to fuck her pussy but you can’t cum and instead you can dump your load in her mouth, tits, her whole face or even all over her ass? Just don’t cum in her pussy — we’ve been trying these past few weeks.”

The old man considers this as your girlfriend squirms under his iron grip. “What about fucking her virgin ass? She can’t get off too easy.”

You ponder for a moment before saying, “I’ll let you face fuck the shit out of her and cum wherever you want on her — then afterwards, if you still want, we can renegotiate.”

He smiles and flips Rachel over and pulls her up so she’s on her knees before shoving his entire length down her throat again. He grabs her hair as her eyes fill with tears and slams her head down his cock repeatedly, thrusting wildly down her throat at the same time.

For a few minutes all you can hear is the wet slurp of the teacher’s member filling your girlfriend’s mouth and her frantic ‘gaks’ as her throat constricts around his thick, throbbing dick. This is too hot to watch so you pull your own dick out and masturbate to Rachel’s face being used by a stranger.

He groans and thrust deeper as he climaxes, white seed overflowing from Rachel’s mouth as he holds her face in his pubic hair. He eventually pulls out and commands her to suck it all out and drink every last drop. Your slutty girlfriend obliges and licks the base of his cock as you pump yourself closer to orgasm.

Then he turns to you and says, “I’m open to negotiation.”