Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by machete01...)

“Her ass is mine but cum in her pussy all you want,” you say firmly.

You get up and unzip your pants as the teacher repositions himself under Rachel and begins to play with her soft tits.

You pull your semi-hard member out and run it up and down her round buttocks using her juices as a lubricant. The teacher below has already began to mercilessly fuck her, her loud moans and cries of joy filling the room with each slap of flesh on flesh made by the huge cock of the teacher.

You dig your fingers into her hips and push your cock into her tight asshole. There is some resistance, her hole slowly being stretched around your hard dick as you work your way in. Her fevered gasps and moans of pleasure have now turned into shrieks as you slam your full length into her and begin fucking her with a lightning speed alongside the teacher. You both thrust so quickly in and out of her that all she can do is lie there and pant along with your cocks plunging into her every second.

He finishes first, yanking your girlfriend beneath him and powering away until he groans and releases what seems like gallons of cum into Rachel’s gaping pussy. She lies there wide eyed at the amount of cum and the brutal double fucking she just endured.

Sadly for her you’re not finished yet.