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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

“No, I guess it’s not, but I’m not sure how I would feel if we didn’t at least have the Plan B,” Rachel responds.

You and your girlfriend spend the next two days in the hotel, ordering room service and just enjoying each other, although she’s too sore for you to fuck her. You get plenty of blow jobs though as you both rewatch the video of her first BBC gangbang, and the one from this trip as well.

After you both head home and Rachel’s pussy has had a few days to recover you both fuck like rabbits every chance you get over the next week, until Rachel’s period comes, to your shock. While it’s not like you specifically wanted her to get pregnant, you were more turned on by the risk itself, you still can’t believe that she’s not. As soon as it’s over you’re back to fucking like rabbits.

It’s clear your girlfriend has been watching the recordings without you as well, as just short of three weeks after her last gangbang, she starts sending you nudes of herself in various poses, her perfect bubble-butt, toned flat abs, and large breasts proudly on display. You both agree to forward some of them to John to give out to his society, and let them know she’s ready for the next one.

“Great, how many do you want this time?” he texts.

Rachel thinks about it for a few minutes, then decides to do the same number of men, and that night everything seems to be going great.

The next day however, Rachel seems to be acting a little distant with you. When you try to talk to her about it in bed that night she quietly asks, “Ross, do you want me to do this without any protection at all, not even Plan B?”

You’re stunned, hardly believing that she is asking you, although your expression is belied by your growing erection.

“Is that what you want? Are you ready for that?” you ask her. She looks at you for a moment, before telling you, “Yes.”

Rachel keeps going after a momentary pause. “Oh, and I want everyone on the list this time, no cut off. Every last BBC. Make sure that everyone in the Bull society sees my pictures first too, and that they know I want it on my ovulation day. Lastly, until it’s over, you’re not allowed to fuck me without a condom, or cum anywhere near my pussy. Okay?”

You stare open-mouthed at your girlfriend, though your cock is rock-hard and leaking precum upon hearing this. Rachel reaches into her nightstand, pulls out a condom and opens it, then grips your cock, slides the condom over it, and climbs up on top of you and starts riding your cock.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she says.

When you text John the next morning he seems stunned by your girlfriend’s reaction at first, but begins organizing her gangbang right away. A few days later John texts you that since there are so many volunteers, they’re going to go ahead and host Rachel’s gangbang at their Society building a few hours away, because there’s no other way to get all the volunteers in, even with them staggering the scheduling so not everyone shows up at once. He tells you it’s a converted warehouse, redesigned for large group events with space and furnishings enough for everyone to be comfortable.

You text him to ask how many men signed up, since you wonder why they need so much space, but John’s reply leaves you sitting down in shock.

“Almost a thousand. We’ll be scheduling waves, spaced hours apart. We’ll actually begin the day before your girlfriend’s ovulation day so that everyone gets in in time. Pun intended,” John texts back.

You just sit and stare at your phone in shock. You can’t even think what to reply to that. A thousand. A thousand BBCs fucking and cumming inside your girlfriend. You show the message to Rachel but she just seems to accept it and move on, heading outside and putting the recording of her hotel gangbang on the TV in the covered porch area in the backyard before laying back on the couch next to the grill. She starts playing herself, and you notice she’s not wearing any panties.

Rachel starts moaning, spreading her legs wide with two fingers stuffed into her pussy, before turning over and getting up onto all fours. Your girlfriend hikes the skirt of her sundress up above her hips, exposing her bare, gorgeous, peach-shaped ass, in the middle of the afternoon. You’re also pretty sure she’s not wearing a bra either. She reaches back with one hand pulling her ass cheeks apart and slowly, sensually, waves her bubble-butt back and forth when she sees you hesitating. “Come on, aren’t you going to fuck me?” You still hesitate, looking around and trying to see if the couch is visible to the neighbors.

Rachel starts twerking her ass, and asks, “Or do you want to ask the some of the neighbors to come over instead?”

You hurry and drop your pants, but as you line your cock up with Rachel’s pussy, she stops you. “Not without a condom, remember?”

You pull your pants back up and rush upstairs, grabbing a condom, then halfway down the stairs you had back up and grab a few more, just in case she wants to fuck more than once. Even though you were only gone for a couple minutes, you can hear voices as you approach the open back door and pause before going out, trying to figure out who is talking with your girlfriend.

You recognize the voice a moment later, it’s the neighbor from the house right behind yours, Bryan. “Of course it’s Bryan” you mutter to yourself. Of course it’s the only single neighbor you have, the huge black former college linebacker that all the neighborhood wives seem to fawn over.

You can’t really hear what they’re saying, but since you still want to be able to grab a beer with the guys sometimes without it being potentially awkward, you hope Rachel isn’t still on all fours with her ass exposed. When you look outside however, you see that while your girlfriend isn’t on all fours, her bubble-butt is still on display, her sundress bunched up around her waist and pulled to one side. In addition, she’s also pulled it down, leaving her large firm breasts out, and she’s letting Bryan feel them with both huge hands.

“See? They really are all natural too,” Rachel tells him, “it’s not just my ass. I’ve never had any work done.”

Bryan is sitting next to your girlfriend, but his back is facing you. “And Ross really lets you sun tan like that? I’d be too jealous at the idea of someone just watching my girlfriend naked if she was as sexy as you,” he says, even has he has both of his hands on your girlfriend’s breasts, rubbing and squeezing them.

“Oh, he’s okay with that. And more,” Rachel replies, opening her legs and letting Bryan’s massive fingers slip into her already wet pussy before acknowledging you as you walk out. “Oh, here he is with the condom! Oops, make that condoms,” she says with a grin. “Were you planning to bring enough to share with the class?”

You can’t help but laugh even as Bryan looks a bit embarrassed at being caught with your girlfriend’s breasts in his hands and his fingers in her pussy.

“So what’s it going to be, Ross?” Rachel asks. “Are you going to share your condoms, or should I let Bryan play without a raincoat?”