Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Doing his best to please his employee, John begins to move his penis in and out of Rachel’s tight, hot, velvety pussy, taking his time to caress and make love to her. He kisses her deeply and passionately and Rachel does the same. John is savoring every moment, every texture, every squeeze of her incredible pussy as he takes his time moving in and out. Unfortunately, Mark has other ideas.

“Hey John… Rachel! Can you stop and stay still for a minute so I can talk to you?” Mark says loudly.

John pushes in to Rachel’s throbbing pussy as deep as he can go, making her grunt, and holds himself there as he looks up at Mark. Rachel is panting and beads of sweat can be seen on her forehead and nose. Her blonde hair is now matted against the edges of her face and she is obviously struggling to concentrate on Mark as he approaches.

“Hey you two… I can appreciate that this is the first time you two are having sex together, but it’s not the first time your characters are having sex. Rachel is a total slut and needs to be fucked like a slut, John. Making love to her like you are is a totally different play, and we can do that one next, but this one needs you to slam your cock as deep as you can, and as fast as you can into her quivering slit until you cum. Okay?” Mark says in a harsh tone of voice.

“Mark… John can’t,” Rachel takes a deep breath, “cum inside me… I’m not… on any birth control…”

“Come on Rachel, that’s what the morning after pill is for. Now can we do this thing or what? We need to see the scene finished so we can do the other six sex scenes today. I thought you two were on board?” Mark says callously and without any thought about what it might mean for John to fill Rachel with his cum.

Rachel’s face turns bleach white when she hears these words from Mark, then a deep red as she turns her head and looks at John above her. Rachel could feel John’s massive manhood throbbing inside her overstimulated vagina, the tip of his penis pressing against her cervix so hard it almost hurts.

Rachel could see her boss’s face was filled with intense pleasure and knew she was giving that to him. Rachel makes up her mind.

“John… it’s okay. Let’s do it Mark’s way. He’s right. I can pick up a morning-after pill on the way home,” Rachel says out loud in a voice more confident than she felt. Rachel felt proud she could act so confident even when she was not. It was then that she knew she had made the right decision to become an actor and smiled.

“Right! Now that that’s settled, let’s take it again from finger-fucking Rachel’s pussy while she strokes you,” Mark directs.

John reluctantly pulls his cock out of Rachel’s pussy, and it clears her pussy lips with an audible sucking sound. His cock is hard as nails, pointing up at a sharp sixty degree angle and shiny with Rachel’s pussy juices. They get into position.

With all her juices on his shaft it is easier to stroke him, as his fingers penetrate her and begin to pump in and out of her body. Rachel could feel her vagina heating up again as John pulls his fingers out of her and sucks on them. She didn’t even realize that much time had passed, but John was already pushing her onto her back. His face pressed into her crotch and his mouth began to suck on her as before.

Rachel’s orgasm came much swifter this time as her body was anticipating the stimulation. As her orgasm began to slow, John climbed up her body, positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy again and slammed home.

This time John pumped into her hard and fast, getting balls-deep in one swift stroke. The next few strokes were increasingly faster until John had a steady rhythm of once a second in and out of her.

Rachel felt the air leave her lungs as her diaphragm was involuntarily compressed from the force of so much mass entering her vagina and pushing her organs upwards. She struggled to catch her breath for nearly a minute of this punishing speed of getting fucked, until she finally was able to take a deep breath only to get it knocked out of her again when John doubled his pumping speed.

Now pumping into his employee’s super-tight, heated velvet cock sleeve that felt like it was made specifically to fit him, John was doing everything in his power to fuck her as hard as possible. He had never had any woman take his entire length inside their bodies and allow him to pump into them as fast as he was able to do until Rachel. This made John feel like trying to speed up even more… which he did.

During the last thirty seconds of John furiously pumping into Rachel’s pussy, his cock was a blur. If you could slow-motion capture it, you could see he was pumping in and out of Rachel’s tight blonde pussy five times each second.

“Fffuuuuuuuucccckkkkk!” screamed John as his balls erupted deep inside Rachel’s pussy. He could feel the first massive flow smash into her cervix and rebound to paint his cockhead. Then another, and another. Nearly a dozen jets of cum blasted out of him and into her before his exhausted body shuddered and he lay on her twitching body as his cock remained hard and continued to release little trickles of his sperm into her. The remainder of the load flowed out of him and into her.

Rachel could do nothing as John sped up his penis inside her to an incredible speed. Ross had always only moved slowly and deliberately inside her so she had never ever experienced anything like this. All she could do was to hold on to him.

Then she felt the first powerful blast of his sperm shooting into her unprotected vagina, smashing into the entrance to her womb. This triggered an orgasm so powerful she could not control her limbs. If John hadn’t been holding her down she might have shimmied herself out from under him. Rachel could feel the massive amount of super-hot liquid flowing against her cervix like a faucet. She could also feel her cervix twitching like crazy and she knew it was busy pumping that sperm deeper into her womb.

Rachel had a sudden pang of guilt at having let her boss inseminate her with his Asian sperm. Then she felt the second blast, then the third, and all she could do is concentrate on the heat radiating from her belly as John continued to shoot his semen deep into her body.

It felt like eternity before her boss’s penis stopped twitching and expanding inside her, and she could no longer feel the powerful pressure of the jets of his sperm against her cervix. John then seemed to exhaust his energy and lay his body on top of hers. He felt very heavy… much heavier than Ross, but it felt strangely comforting to be pressed down into the mattress by his weight.

That’s when Rachel realized John’s penis was still very, very hard inside her vagina.

“Yes! Yes! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I want to see every time you fuck Rachel, John! Rachel is your slut! And she needs to have her pussy hammered!” Mark says, practically bubbling over with excitement.