Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

Bryan looks back and forth, barely believing the conversation despite where his hands had just been.

“Oh, I guess I’ll share,” you reply. “It wouldn’t be very neighborly to hoard all the condoms.”

Both of them chuckle at your joke, although your girlfriend wastes no time once they stop, sliding the front of Bryan’s shorts down and reaching in to grab his cock.

“Oh my,” she says as she pulls it out, “aren’t you a big boy! It’s thicker than a coke can, and it has to be at least thirteen inches!”

Bryan slides his shorts the rest of the way down before replying “it’s sixteen, according to one girl I saw way back who insisted on measuring it.”

Rachel reaches out and grabs one of the condoms you brought out, before making ‘hmm’ sounds. “Well my boyfriend, it looks like you’re not going to be sharing after all. I don’t think your condoms are going to fit over this one,” she says nonchalantly, before leaning over and giving Bryan’s cock a long slow lick. “It looks like he’s going to have to do without.”

She starts blowing your neighbor’s huge cock, sundress still bunched around her middle. The sight turns you on immensely, so you decide to just go with it, pulling out your own eight inch cock, sliding a condom onto it, then thrusting your cock into your girlfriend’s waiting pussy. You begin pounding away, loving the slapping sound you make as you fuck Rachel from behind, and watching her bubble butt ripple and jiggle while she’s fucked from behind has always made this one of your favorite positions with her.

When you tell her you’re going to cum about fifteen minutes later, she starts twerking and grinding her ass as she presses back against your final thrust, pushing you as deep as you can go inside her. After you pull out she stops sucking on Bryan’s cock, turns around, and after removing the filled condom from your cock, she starts sucking on you, cleaning your cock off. As she does this she moves back slightly, lowering her pussy towards Bryan’s massive cock, moaning around your cock as she ever so slowly mounts his cock in a reverse cowgirl position.

Rachel can tell her pussy is being stretched to the limit by the width of your neighbor’s cock, and she’s already shuddering in the beginnings of an orgasm as Bryan’s cock bottoms out, its huge head pressing forcefully against her cervix. Bryan meanwhile looks like he can’t believe how the afternoon is going, never imagining that this would be how things would go when he walked to his back fence to ask you and your girlfriend if you guys could house sit while he’s out of town.

After a little while, your cock just can’t seem to stay hard even with Rachel sucking on it, so she stands up and turns around before lowering herself back onto the massive cock, letting her breasts wave in Bryan’s face, inviting him to suck on them, which he does with gusto. Your girlfriend arches her back and moans loudly as she orgasms again, clutching Bryan’s head tightly to her breasts. Once she’s finished her orgasm, she goes slightly limp, and Bryan seems to take that as his cue. Without pulling his cock out of her pussy, he stands up holding Rachel in the air, and walks into the house this way. He pauses while you get the door and then carries your girlfriend into the kitchen, still impaled on his massive cock. He leans her back against the wall, pulls his cock about halfway out, then starts driving up into her pussy using the wall as a backstop.

Rachel shrieks and moans and starts orgasming again after mere moments, then again, and again, until it quickly becomes one long constant orgasm as he drives his cock hard and fast into her pussy even as his arms are pulling her down into his cock as well. After a good twenty minutes of being fucked like this, Rachel’s eyes have yet again rolled up into her head. When Bryan finally pauses and pulls out of her, you wait for the flood of cum, but it doesn’t come.

Bryan turns your girlfriend around to face the island counter, bending her over so her torso is resting on it, before lifting her legs up and spreading them wide. As he slides his cock back into Rachel he pulls her backward towards him before pounding aggressively into her pussy repeatedly, looking for all the world like he’s steering a wheelbarrow.

You girlfriend screams in pleasure, apparently she wasn’t as out of it as the last time her eyes rolled back like that, screaming “Oh God! Oh God!” over and over. After another extended powerful orgasm, he again pulls out without cumming. He then asks her what her favorite position is, to which she replies “Doggy style. I love being pounded from behind.”

They then walk into the guest room downstairs, and your girlfriend takes her sundress off completely, gets onto the bed on all fours, legs spread, her swollen pussy lips seemingly begging for more. Bryan gets behind her and after sliding the first couple inches in gently, starts savagely slamming balls-deep into Rachel’s pussy. She seems to be moaning, groaning, and screaming all at once in response to the rough fucking.

After thirty minutes of this Bryan doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all, still driving hard and fast into Rachel’s pussy, and pulling her back by the hips to meet his thrusts. Suddenly Rachel squirts forcefully, like neither of you have ever seen before, and only then does Bryan cum, mixing his cum with your girlfriend’s copious vaginal fluid, but he still keeps thrusting as he cums, making a loud sloppy sound with each thrust. He finally stops a good five minutes later, both he and your girlfriend collapsing into the bed, his massive cock still inside her.

“Did… did you like… watching that… Ross?” your girlfriend asks breathlessly.

You lean down and kiss her, and she kisses you back passionately. After ten minutes or so, Bryan pulls his cock out of your girlfriend, making a loud popping sound as the head plops out, and after a split second delay a rush of cum spills out of Rachel’s pussy. She goes upstairs to shower and clean up, but Bryan only puts his shorts on, waiting until after your girlfriend leaves to talk to you.

“I should have asked this earlier, but are you sure you’re okay with this, man? I know I wouldn’t be able to share my girlfriend with someone else, especially not if she looked as hot as Rachel,” Bryan says with a serious look on his face.

“Really, it’s okay with me,” you reply. “It started with a bit of anonymous sex a few weeks ago and has progressed to stuff like this lately. I’m cool with it as long as she is, I love seeing her lose her mind like that, just completely losing herself in pure sex.”

“Shit, okay then. I guess I shouldn’t feel bad considering all that,” Bryan says, shaking his head. “You mind if we make this a regular thing? It’s hard to find someone as relaxed about casual sex as you two.”

“As long as that’s what she wants, absolutely,” you answer. “Hell, why don’t you head upstairs and surprise her in the shower?” you suggest with a laugh.

Bryan grins and goes upstairs, and about a minute later you hear your girlfriend shriek, and moments after that you hear her moaning constantly. You listen for the next several minutes to the sound of Rachel orgasming on another man’s cock yet again, before you hear her yelling your name. You hurry upstairs to find Rachel and Bryan, soaking wet on the bed, as she’s riding his cock in the cowgirl position.

“Grab the lube from my dresser, and over here and fuck my ass before I get another neighbor to do it for you!” she yells at you, though you can hear the playfulness in her tone.

You find the lube and liberally apply it to your cock. Rachel stops for a second to let you line your cock up with her asshole, and push it into her in one long slow thrust. Your girlfriend shudders and moans at the double penetration. You and Bryan start to thrust in and out simultaneously, and within seconds Rachel is orgasming again.

A good twenty minutes later you are about to cum, but decide not to say anything, you just keep thrusting and flood your girlfriend’s bowels with your cum. Rachel gasps and moans in surprise as your hot cum pours into her. “You sneaky bastard, you didn’t say anything before you came!”