Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Marton Dyke...)

“What the hell is going on here?” you say, dumbstruck, looking at Rachel and John’s orgasms.

John says, “Get lost Ross, she is mine now.” Rachel looks at you and nods.

You get so very angry, you think of all the times Rachel promised that she’ll only be yours always. You get a disgusting feeling under your chest. Your eyes start watering.

“Why do this to me, Rachel?” You start crying and your tears fall onto the cum puddle that has a mix of both Rachel and John’s cum. “Don’t ever come to me, ever again.”

John smirks at you and Rachel says to him, “John please take me to your home. I dont wanna be your girlfriend. But I really wanna keep fucking with that big dick of yours. Let’s get going please. I dont wanna keep seeing Ross’s filthy face and his small erection.”

It is true. You got turned on by the fact that your girlfriend has kept her pussy embedded on John’s thick cock.

John smiles and says, “Let’s fuck right here and give your ex-boyfriend a show.” Rachel likes the idea.

John puts Rachel down on the floor. Everyone’s around looking at you and them. John opens Rachel’s legs wide. Her loose-now pussy is dripping with white cum. He bends over and licks it clean. Your dick is hardening more now. You get it out. Rachel looks at it and says, “Look at that now. Who’s the real man?”

You get embarrassed now that your own girlfriend has questioned your masculinity. You get closer to them. John has started pumping into Rachel. As her cervix is already wide open, John’s cock gets into her womb and hits her walls, giving immense pleasure to Rachel. She screams “Nggggghhhhhhhhhhh…” and cums all over the floor again.

You bend over to Rachel’s face, look her in the eye, and kiss her. There is a flash of memories. All the memories Rachel and you have been through. Rachel gets them too.

You break the kiss but now Rachel wants you more than she does John. She tries to kiss you. But you get up.

You say, “Rachel, I’m sorry I said all those things. I’m really sorry. I cant afford to lose you. Please give me another chance. I will prove that this small cock of mine can be very pleasuring.”

Rachel has teared up. She has kicked John away and he’s lying on the floor with his cock deflating. From the crowd, a woman with a dark pussy comes and sits on John’s cock. John loves this new pussy. His cock hardens into her pussy. She moans, already so wet watching John fuck Rachel. She rides John hard and cums hard on his thigh. He gropes her tits and says, “Let’s go to my house,” and they leave.

Rachel hugs you and says she loves you so much. She is really sorry for everything. You say its fine. She explains, “I am really sorry, Ross. I really thought that the black man’s cock was yours but when i knew it wasn’t, I couldn’t get off. It felt really nice inside me. I know that’s not right. I’m really sorry. And John’s cock is 12 inches at least. I really could not convince my body to not go to him. So i did. I know it’s unforgivable, but forgive me if you can.”

You look at her. She really is sorry. You pick her up, remove your jacket and put it over her, covering her body. “It’s fine, Rachel. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left you like that.”

You pick her up and get to the closest hospital. There’s already a baby forming inside her. You ask the doctor for abortion and she does the operation thing.

You take your girlfriend back home. You kiss her and say, “I love you, Rachel. I promise I’ll be better, but no more pornofucks.”

Rachel giggles but quickly turns serious and sad. She says, “No Ross. I’m sorry. This is the cock i want. I always will want. I want to have kids, Ross. Your kids. Let’s fuck like rabbits.”

She kisses you. You smirk and take her and run to the bedroom, closing the door behind you.

The End