Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RedWater...)

Your desire is overwhelming but despite this little game she is not some random slut to abuse. You love this woman.

“Sweetie, are you sure that you want to go that far?” you ask while gently caressing Rachel’s ass. “Should I do what I want? It will hurt.”

She remains silent for few seconds and then says softly, “Slaves can’t choose, Ross. Do anything you want and don’t end this little game ‘til you’re satisfied.”

It’s all you need to hear. A nasty grin forms on your lips, seconds before you smack your girlfriend’s ass hard. “You may be a dumb and useless slave but your butt is fucking great! And I’m gonna use it!”

You don’t need much more time to assume the right position and enter Rachel’s virgin ass with one fast motion. With no lubrication but some saliva your dick meets hard resistance and you have never been squeezed as hard as now.

In this moment Rachel’s mouth produces a loud painful yell. This forces you to ponder for few seconds. She said for you to do what you wanted, but her pain seems real. Are you sure you want to hurt your girlfriend and continue violating her tight anus?