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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

John felt his beautiful blonde employee’s asshole tense up as he finished inside her bowels. Cumming into Rachel’s tight asshole was almost as good as cumming inside her pussy.

Rachel’s tight asshole actually felt better on his cock than her tight blonde pussy. It was tighter, and there was no cervix in the way to restrict his cock from flexing and stretching as it swelled inside her. John could push into her as hard as he wanted and the tip of his cock was free of obstruction. And her anal cavity was incredibly hot, which John really, really loved.

For John, it was only almost as good as her pussy, because as good as her asshole felt on his cock, John knew he couldn’t fill his willing blonde employee’s body with a baby through her asshole. And John’s goal was to impregnate her at any cost.

John pulled her body in as close as possible, with one arm holding her upper body close to his, and the other hand on her blonde pussy mound with a couple of fingers inside her tight, warm, sperm-soaked pussy. He used his hand on her pussy to pull her asshole as tightly onto his cock as possible as she slept.

Rachel vaguely felt John hug her tighter, her asshole pulled tighter and closer to him by his other hand on her pubic mound. She could feel his big, meaty fingers, each almost as big as Ross’s penis push into her vagina and grip her tightly. The tips of his fingers pressed almost too hard against the small rough patch behind her pubic bone (G-Spot), and made her body twitch in response. She could feel his muscular palm mashing her blonde pubic hair into her skin down there as he pressed her against him. John had a strong tight grip on her womanhood and Rachel smiled at how good and comforted she felt at this as she fell back into exhausted unconsciousness.

John held her tight like that for at least half an hour. He could hear the deep, slow breaths of Rachel sleeping. John thought he could just keep his boner buried inside her asshole all night but he just hadn’t considered that his blonde, blue-eyed employee’s asshole would periodically squeeze his shaft really hard, then let go. In response, John would wiggle his two fingers inside her pussy, slowly rubbing the rough patch behind the pubic bone which he knew held a tightly clustered mass of nerves. John was rewarded with a moan from his sleeping employee periodically as he massaged her from the inside.

John just enjoyed the feeling until he felt his balls tighten up. He did his best to control his cock and balls from exploding and did some very deep breaths and thought of wrinkly old Just thinking about his entire cock buried inside Rachel’s asshole triggered his second orgasm inside her. Rachel only stirred a little as she sighed in her sleep. Hyper-aroused at the thought that he pretty much owned his blonde employee’s body, John began to saw in and out of her asshole. He was careful to go slow as he knew Rachel was not used to fucking all day and night and needed her sleep. He also didn’t know if Rachel had a lot of experience with anal, which he didn’t think she did.

John loved how her sphincter clamped down on his shaft when he pulled his shaft back, the ring of muscle gliding along his shaft squeezing as it goes, then relaxing to very little resistance as he pushed back in. He used about half of his length to slow-fuck her asshole.

John decided that fucking Rachel’s asshole was one of his top ten favorite things in the world.

Another fifteen minutes had John blowing another huge load of cum deep into Rachel. This time John sped up the last twenty seconds or so and used longer, faster, harder strokes. He wanted his cock to explode into Rachel’s colon, sending his cum lube as deep into her body as possible. Rachel stirred when he did this and only woke for a couple seconds when he slammed into her three times at the end, jarring her entire body.

“Oh John… you’re fucking my asshole still…” Rachel said and breathed heavily for a few seconds as he filled her body with cum. Rachel fell back to sleep as John’s cock inside her settled down and stopped blasting cum.