Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RedWater...)

“I want to have a female slave,” Rachel says, trying to not look into your eyes. “I never told you but I am dominant toward girls and my favorite fantasy is to have my own slut that I can do anything with.”

“Wow…” you say in surprise. “It is… Not something I expected.”

“Are you disappointed?” she asks with her voice going down.

“No, Rachel” you quickly say. “In fact I think it is rather cool. Imagining you doing various things with your slave. It’s so hot. Should you want to play such games with any of your female friends feel free to do so. I will not consider this to be cheating.”

“How sweet,” she laughs a bit. “But I don’t want it to be a secret. I want you watching. In fact I’d love to use her to bring pleasure to you! She can be forced to do stuff I don’t do. Like, you know, your anal dream.”

You raise your eyebrow. “And you will not mind me fucking another woman?”

“Not a woman but a slave, Ross. Slaves aren’t real humans, they are tools. Why can’t I use a tool to please my boyfriend?”

“I can’t say that I dislike your line of thinking,” you say with a smile. “Sadly this is not exactly the kind of fantasy that can become reality.”

“Why not?” she asks. “ I’ve found a website that provides prostitutes to couples. Also, my friend Monica has some serious financial troubles and I am sure she is desperate enough to be our slave for few days. Finally, we can use your bitchy step-sister Amy without asking for her permission. That will teach her to respect her older brother.”

Your girlfriend’s offers are tempting. Trying sex with a skilled whore is an interesting idea. Also, Monica is hot as hell and you always wanted her. As for the last offer… You’ve always had perverted thoughts towards your sister, but you couldn’t possibly go for it, right?