Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Red Dress!” you text back quickly. The color really makes Rachel’s blonde hair and blue eyes stand out.

“Are you sure?” Rachel texts back immediately.

“Yeah! You look great in red!” you write back equally fast, getting excited at the thought of seeing your girlfriend stripping for her male co-workers in a red dress.

Rachel tries to get you to change your mind. “Really? I thought you’d want the black dress one.”

“Yup! 100%!” You’ve seen her plenty in black dresses and want to see her in red. A strip tease is a strip tease.

“I can’t believe this is happening, but okay. I’ll video call you when everything is set up tonight around nine. Love you babe!” Rachel writes back.

You get through your endless day at work, which seems to last forever, then rush home, pick up your boys, and have them sleeping soundly in their beds by 8:30pm. Plenty of time to set up downstairs in the office with the big computer that has the ultra HD screen.

Rachel calls a few minutes before. “Hi Ross… before we begin, I just wanted to make sure this is what you want me to do. Are you sure you want me to play out the red dress skit?”

You’re totally sporting a massive and painful erection so you eagerly nod you head as you say, “Yeah babe. I’m so hard thinking about what you’re about to do I’m afraid I’ll blow my nuts before you even begin!”

“Oh my God! Okay, I convinced John and his business partner Marcus to help me with this skit. I’m gonna mute the audio from my end so they don’t hear you, but you’ll be able to see everything clearly. I’m so nervous. Wish me luck!” Rachel genuinely seems nervous. You think how prudish she is, that she’s be so shy about a simple strip tease dance.

You watch in fascination as Rachel walks around her nice hotel room making sure everything is In order, then you hear her say, “Oh shit! I hope they are bringing the condoms…”

You wonder why she would need the condoms and was about to hang up so you could call her to ask her but there is a knock on the door. You keep watching, drawn in by her toned ass wagging back and forth as she walks to the door.

Rachel looks back and winks, mouthing, “Here we go!” Two men walk in. Both of them are very big and powerfully built.

“Hi John, thanks for coming to help me like this! Hi Marcus! So good of you to come and help me too!” Rachel says and leans up to give each of the men a kiss on their cheeks. Everyone moves inside and sits down across from each other on the plush couches.

Marcus has jet black skin, almost purple he’s so black, and must be 6’6“ He looks to be 300 pounds or more of muscle. He’s dressed in a very expensive looking suit.

You know John is 6’4“ and Asian. And he looks only slightly smaller than Marcus. They look like the international twin towers.

John speaks first. “Rachel, you are one of my most valuable employees. When I mentioned you asking me to be your audience so you could practice stripping and lap dancing to save your ailing relationship with Ross, Marcus volunteered immediately! We really want your relationship with Ross to work out and would do anything for you.”

“That makes me feel so much better about this, John. I was so nervous asking you,” Rachel responds.

“We will do everything you want us to do, Rachel,” Marcus chimes in.

“Oh thank you Marcus. I know we’ve only been working together since today, but I feel like I’ve known you for a while now,” Rachel says with a confident smile. “Be generous fellas… I’ve never done a strip tease before so I would really appreciate any guidance and feedback while I show you my moves. Please guide me in any way you think will make me more sexy for Ross. I’ll do anything to save my relationship,” Rachel says.

She turns on some music and begins to sway her body in time with the erotic beat coming from the radio, as she moves around in front of the men. It’s clear they are starting to get excited.

Both men take their jackets off and loosen their ties and several of their shirt buttons to reveal their muscular cheats as Rachel unzips her red dress and let’s it fall to the floor. The dress puddles around her feet and she lithely steps out with her legs spread in a sensual A starting at her crotch.

Your cock springs to attention when you see her underwear is a lacy see-through thong panties with matching half-cup see through bra that barely covers her hard nipples that are threatening to pop out along the seam at any moment. The fabric is so sheer that you can clearly see her trimmed blonde bush.

Both men are drooling as they say I’m unison, “Holy shit Rachel… your so fucking hot!” Then John adds, “You must have been lying when you told me Ross hasn’t touched your body in months!”

“No, I wasn’t lying. The last time Ross touched this body was more than three months ago on his birthday… not even a pat on my ass,” Rachel says. It stings a little when she says it out loud because it’s actually true. You’ve been so into your porn at night that you’ve not had any interest in her until she brought up the sexting thing.

“Well, good thing there’s plenty of touching in strip teases and lap dancing. Feel free to bring that body over to us, we would love to touch you all over!” John says confidently.