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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RedWater...)

“Listen,” you say with a somewhat sad smile. “Rachel, I can see what you really want. You are curious how it would feel with another man. I was a very lucky man to be your first and now I am paying the price. Everything you said is just an attempt to find a way to cheat me without lying to me.”

“Ross, that’s not true.” Your girlfriend’s words say one thing, but the shame on her pretty face says a very different story.

“Don’t worry. It is okay, my love,” you smile once again. “You are a young beautiful woman with a healthy sex drive.” You are amazed by what you plan to say next but the words leave your mouth. “If you wish I can let you to fuck another guy once. But not with me around. I definitely don’t want to watch.”

“Are you sure?” she asks, raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“If you need it, then take it. You’re not my property.” You laugh softly and add, “After all, you need a chance to learn that other guys are inferior to me.”

Rachel takes some time before she speaks again.