Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

As you bring your girlfriend to climax with your mouth you can’t help but feel the pain your huge erection is giving you. As you try and undo your zip Rachel grabs your hand. “Later,” she smiles at you and moves away pulling her shirt skirt back down. “You get to go last.”

Sweetly she smiles at you, flashes her bum and leaves you on the bed, a huge hard on raging in your jeans. You quickly go to the en-suite bathroom and wash your sticky face.

By the time you get back downstairs your girlfriend is in the middle of another group of your friend chatting, smiling and flirting.

“Happy Birthday!” A voice startles you from behind you. Turning you see that it’s Jamie your neighbor and friend. “Thanks for the invite mate, Rachel is amazing, you are lucky to have her,” he says nodding towards her.

You smile, embarrassed at your friend as you realize it could have been him who just fucked your girlfriend. “Thanks, she’s put a lot of effort into arranging this,” you manage to say.

“Has she gave you your present yet?”

A bead of sweat appears on your brow. Fuck does he know?

“She said it’s what you always wanted. Glad I could help, any time.”

As you stare at your mate, you suddenly realize he’s on about the new games console that he must have set up for her for you.

“Yes, yes, I love it thanks for sorting it.”

As Jamie pats you on the back, you notice Rachel has disappeared.

A Whatsapp message appears on your phone. It’s a picture of Rachel with grin on her face and a huge cock in her left hand and an even larger one in her right.

As you gulp down your drink, you make small talk with some work friends, your mind fixated on the picture on your phone.

There’s a bit of noise as you spot Paul and Steve coming down the stairs talking closely with each other. At the same time another message appears. “Ready for round two and three?”

A picture of Rachel’s cum-splattered pussy appears on your screen. As you look closely you realize the dribble of cum is coming from her pussy and ass.

You are going to be kept busy…