Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel moves up and his cock falls out of her pussy and slaps his belly loudly.

“Oh shit Rachel… I’m sorry. Are you okay?” Jamie asks worriedly.

“Um… I … um… I’m sorry I need to go” your girlfriend says and you hear her footsteps, then a door open and close. A minute later she’s walking in through the front door.

“Oh my God Ross. Did you hear everything?” she says, beet-red in her face.

“Yeah. Calm down babe… it’s okay. It was all an accident. Besides. It’s just Jamie… he’s like a brother to me,” you say trying to normalize the fact that your pristine blonde girlfriend was just rubbing her wet pussy on your buddy’s cock that just happened to push into her a couple inches. A place that no other man but you have been.

“What do you mean calm down? You’re not mad?” Rachel asks in a panic.

“No I’m not mad. If it came to it, I’d probably be okay with him fucking you. Anything for a friend such as Jamie,” you say, not realizing how upset your girlfriend really is.

“You’d let Jamie fuck me? Why? Do you not care about our relationship? Do you not love me anymore?” Rachel spits out, sounding furious. She pulls out a chair and sits with her arms crossed across her perfect boobs.

Backpedalling, you try to save yourself. “Look it wasn’t my idea to go over to your friend’s house and suck his cock pretending to be his wife. Did you forget that convenient little part of this? And you really seemed to be enjoying whatever he was doing to your pussy!” you shoot back.

Rachel is about to say something, but holds back. She’s so angry her entire face and the visible parts of her chest are pink. Then she seems to calm down a lot as she says, “You’re right. It was my idea to listen to Monica. I’ll go back over there and finish the job.”

She stands up to return to Jamie.