Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Okay… The next scene I’d like to rehearse is the scene where John is behind a tapestry as Rachel is leaning over a half-wall talking to her parents. John sneaks up behind you Rachel, lifts up your dress and starts to fuck your pussy. Rachel, you have to keep up the conversation with your parents to hide the fact that you’re being fucked silly so you’ll have to learn to control your facial expressions when his cock is drilling you, okay?” Mark says.

“It’s hard now, but I know I’ll be ready by the show if John fucks me enough times by then,” Rachel says, trying to sound as confident as possible.

“Good. I like the enthusiasm. Here’s the twist to this scene. After John fills your pussy with his first load he tries to keep fucking another load into you, but you have to shift your position and John’s cock falls out. When he tries to push back in, he misses your pussy and pushes into your asshole. At this point in the fuck, when his cock goes balls-deep in your asshole Rachel, you should scrunch your your face and grunt loudly,” Mark says.

“Mark, I’ve never had anal sex before. I don’t know if I can do anal… especially John’s massive penis. My vagina struggles… I just can’t imagine my anus being penetrated by him,” Rachel says, almost whining.

“Rachel I don’t really give a rats ass what you want. You’re a slut, John is your master, and you’re gonna get your ass fucked. Hard! If you don’t like it you can quit right now!” Mark says angrily.

“Oh Mark… please… I don’t want to quit. I want to keep acting… I’m just saying I’m an anal virgin and might need some extra time before I can do this scene properly,” Rachel says, backpedalling in the face of the intense angry emotion. Rachel has never done well when confronted by an angry man.

“Fine… John’s still fucking that asshole of yours in front of me today before we all leave for the day so get your ass ready. And I’m sorry I lost my temper. It’s okay if you don’t say any of the dialogue you’re supposed to rehearse while getting your ass pummelled by John’s big dick. But when you’re sitting on John’s big cock at work trying to loosen it up, you’d better sit that poop chute of yours on it too. I want your pussy and asshole to be ready in six weeks when we have to put the play on. Got it slut?” Mark says degradingly.

“Oh Mark thank you. If John lets me do that at work, I’ll keep my anus and vagina on John’s penis all day long to make this work. Thank you, thank you. I will be the best slut for John that I can be,” Rachel proclaims to both Mark and John, forgetting to say “act the best slut…”

Rachel’s acquiescence to Mark’s direction for her character, then for her to be a total slut has been transforming Rachel’s perspective about herself since it was decided that John would be having sex and inseminating her several times each rehearsal. Rachel’s self image and sense of self-worth was always pretty low from constantly being reminded all her life by her father, then by her boyfriend Ross, and always by the Catholic Church demanding her obedience to men, that it was not a hard switch to flip in her heart and brain.

Deep inside Rachel’s heart, she knew all of this was very, very wrong… that her father, her boyfriend, and Mark were abusing her as a person by coercing, intimidating, and demanding she give up all rights to her own body. Rachel left John out of the equation because she felt John was also being taken advantage of and would always treat her with true respect outside of this play.

Knowing all this didn’t change anything for Rachel. She didn’t object, she didn’t try to stop the men from taking advantage of her, didn’t try to stop them from essentially enslaving her body for a grotesque display of carnal sexuality in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people before the play was over.

Rachel just couldn’t make herself stand up to the man… Mark… who had authority over her, who commanded her. Rachel was just glad the male actor was John, a man who knew how to treat women well… a man who really appreciated and respected her.

Rachel looked up at her well-endowed Asian boss, really looked at him and decided she loved him. Rachel decided that she would do anything for the man. Be anything for the man. And getting filled with his sperm and becoming pregnant with his child, as she must already be, made her heart flutter with gratitude and desire. More than anything Rachel wanted to please the man… to give the man as much pleasure as she could… Rachel decided she would devote the rest of her life pleasuring her boss, have his babies, and belong to him.

All of this went through Rachel’s incredibly smart brain in just a few seconds.

“Good. That’s our good slut Rachel.” Mark says, trying to groom her inner slut. Mark was very proud of the way he manipulated this gorgeous, pristine, and honest woman I to becoming her boss’ sex slave and breeding bitch.

John just stared at his amazingly beautiful employee, unable to say anything. All he knew was that she was the one of the two most incredible women he’s ever known and would do everything in his considerable power to make her happiness possible.

If it meant he had to allow Rachel to plant her pussy and asshole, and maybe even her mouth on his big cock all day at work, then at every rehearsal, he was happy to do it for her. John did consider Rachel might become pregnant with his child if she didn’t take any birth control, as he knew she most likely wouldn’t due to her religious upbringing, but John didn’t mind.

John always wanted as many children as the women he’s ever been with would allow him to give them. His biggest regret in life was only making children with his wife. None of the other dozens of women he had been with before he met his wife had wanted to have his babies. But if Rachel would bear him children while “acting” in this farce of a play he would be one of the happiest men alive.

“Okay you two, let’s get the scene started so we can all go home,” Mark says and jolts Rachel and John out of their inner monologues. “Action!”

There is no half-wall so Rachel just leans over with her hands on her knees. There is no tapestry so John tiptoes over to Rachel, and because Rachel is not wearing a costume and is naked, pretends to lift her dress up and over slowly, then slides his big cock balls deep into her wet pussy.

His penetration releases several dollops of his cum that slithers and oozes down Rachel’s inner thighs on both sides. A few minutes of fucking his blonde employee’s tight pussy and John blasts her womb with another hot healthy load of sperm.

“Good! I love his your cum is flowing from her slutty pussy. And look! Her blonde pubes are all standing on edge! It looks like she’s got a blonde pussy-Afro! Hahaha!” Mark comments.

Rachel moves her hips around as she’s supposed to, making John’s cock fall out of her. A gush of thick white cum drips out of her slightly gaped pussy, first forming a big white bubble that entirely covers her tiny pussy lips, then ballooning and stretching down to the ground several inches before the strand of cum snaps and the entire bubble hits the hard surface of the stage with a loud splat.

“Good! Love the dripping cum! Now fuck her ass John. Fucking pound that shit!” Mark directs irreverently.

John lines up his cock after coating it with the dripping cum from Rachel’s pussy. John hoped all that cum would help lubricate and soften the impact of his cock in her virgin ass.

It didn’t. “Aaahhhhh… eeehhhhuukkkk!” Rachel moans and grunts through her tightly clenched teeth. Rachel had never felt such searing ass pain before in her life. She’s had big poops that stretched her ass painfully, but this was like a hot, fleshy battering ram being jammed into her.

She heard herself grunting and moaning, squealing. Rachel felt like she was having an out of body experience and hoped she didn’t pass out.

John knew he wouldn’t last long. It felt like her sphincter was trying to clench and rip his cock in half. Before John could think more, he felt his cock pushing into Rachel’s ass balls-deep and blasting her bowels as he grunted like an animal.