Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Aaahhhh… fuck… Stop John… you have to stop! Oh… it’s too much… I can’t take it!” Rachel pleads with John.

The cameraman pans down to a bottom view to reveal the tip of John’s massive bone inside your girlfriend. Without responding to your girlfriend, John continues to push into her depths.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my fucking God… you’re so deep inside me! Eeehhggghhkkk… Oh fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck!” Rachel grunts, curses and moans as John continues to push his cock into her pussy.

Another three inches and you’re pretty positive he’s got at least nine inches of his thick cock inside her. And he’s got three to four more inches to go.

Rachel’s eyes are tightly closed now as she breathes rapidly, moaning and groaning , “Ah… Ah… Ah… Oooooohhhh… Uuugghhh… God damn fucking shit! My pussy! My pussy! Nnngghh…”

John is relentless as he pushes even harder into your girlfriend’s pussy. He’s only got an inch or so left before Rachel’s overstretched, bloodless pussy lips touch the base of his cock.

“Oh John please stop. I can feel my cervix being pried open… oh it hurts. Aaahhh…” Rachel pleads with her boss, who still says nothing but begins to wiggle his hips back and forth as his powerful ass cheeks flex. You know he’s increasing the pressure on your girlfriend’s pussy in order to get his entire cock inside her.

Your brain just can’t take anymore images of your pristine girlfriend’s tiny pussy being abused by a giant Asian cock and you blow your load all over the floor. Rachel said she’d think about cock in her unprotected pussy, but you didn’t think she’d actually do it… and bareback to boot! You almost pass out from cumming so hard. Your vision blurs for a few seconds.

When you are able to focus again, John has his cock balls-deep inside your girlfriend.

“Oooohhhh… fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck… John please don’t move… I can feel the head of your cock pushing into my womb… I can feel my cervix is stretching open… I need a minute… please!” Rachel begs John who is like a deaf man on a mission. His ass continues to wiggle back and forth making her moan and grunt.

John must know what he’s doing because he continues to push into your girlfriend’s pussy for another few minutes.

“Okay… it’s feeling a bit better now… please… a little more time…”

That’s when John gets serious. He pulls out just a couple inches and pushes back into her slowly.

“Nnnggghh…” moans Rachel.

Pull out, and back in…

“Ooohhhh…” Rachel moans.

John speeds up his pumping, letting a little more cock come out of her stretched pussy each time. Each time he pumps back into her body, Rachel grunts. “Ugh… ugh… ugh… ugh… ugh… ugh…” the sounds seem to come from deep inside her. It’s almost guttural and very animalistic.

John just fucks her like this for the next five minutes until Rachel screams out, “I’m cumming!”

Her body bucks against John’s as she orgasms. Her pussy sprays out its juices against the base of his cock. The whole time John continues to fuck his cock in and out of her fragile pussy.

“Oh Gawd… please no more… slow down John… uuugghhhh… you’re so deep… my cervix… nnngghhhhhh…”

John pounds your girlfriend’s fertile, unprepared pussy like this until her protests go away and she is only moaning in time to his long, deep thrusts. It must have been more than ten minutes before Rachel cums again, spraying even more of her pussy juices all over John’s cock and balls. The cameraman captures it all in HD.

You can’t believe how deep, how hard, and how fast John is fucking your girlfriend. You cum hard twice but only dribble a little bit of cum because you’re already cleaned out. You feel like you’re about to cum again when you check the time and realize John has been fucking her pussy for nearly thirty minutes. His pace is relentlessly fast, his strokes long and deep. You estimate at least ten inches of his cock comes out of her body before pumping back into her at a pace of twice each second.

John suddenly bucks into your girlfriend’s pussy three times in rapid succession, his back arched, his ass cheeks flexing, his throat grunting, and every other muscle in his big muscular body flexed like an iron bar. John holds still inside Rachel’s unprotected pussy balls-deep… and you just thank God his cock is condom-covered.

Your orgasm arrives and erupts without you touching yourself as your cock flows like a firehose… even though you came just a few minutes ago, and even though John had his cock covered in rubber. And this second time you actually cum more than you did before.

You cum so hard two of the ropes of cum smack you in your face. You manage to pause the video and your vision becomes hazy and blurs. All the blood rushing into your cock must have affected your blood pressure.