Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Use a random dick, Rachel. Don’t you want the full experience?” you ask.

“You’re right baby. I love you and thought I’d give you first crack at my crack before it gets spoiled for the night!” Rachel says as she smiles lovingly at you before her head swivels back and forth at the two average cocks in her hands.

Shrugging her shoulders, Rachel stands up, leans her ass toward the whiter cock and lines it up with her dripping wet pussy. “Last chance at first crack!”

“Go for it!” you encourage.

Rachel starts to push her pussy onto the random dick and the sight of another cock in her pussy bareback makes you blow your nuts.

“Oh Ross! You love me getting fucked by strangers, don’t you!” Rachel says and gets to work fucking the cock in her pussy. She rocks her ass back and forth for only a couple minutes before she pulls off quickly and turns around to take the load in her mouth.

“Mmmmm… this one is extra salty… next!” your girlfriend says as she smacks her lips.

The wilting white cock is quickly replaced by an uncircumcised long, fat, black cock.

“Oh my… what do we have here?” Rachel says with incensed eyes.

“That’s one big black cock babe, are you sure you want that one?” you ask nervously. The thought of raising a black baby has you on edge, your stomach fluttering.

“Oh Ross… it’s so big and black… I want it inside me!” Rachel says, her eyes wide and glassy.

“Rachel wait…” you start to say but she grabs the giant black cock. Rachel cannot get her hands completely around. You can see there’s nearly two inches between her thumb and fingers. Rachel doesn’t do anything but examine it holding it with one hand.

“Mmmmm… I love the way it feels… I can feel him pulsing in my hand,” Rachel says in the most erotic voice you’ve ever heard from her in all the years you’ve known her. She grabs the big black cock with her other hand and slowly pulls her hand down to reveal a shiny purple cockhead on top of the thick shaft. You can see thick gnarly ribbons of smegma on the cockhead. Then the smell hits your nostrils, overpowering the dirty smell of the bathroom. Within seconds, it’s all you can smell.

“Oh my God… it’s so fucking dirty!” Rachel says and continues to pull the hood down until the entire cockhead is revealed. There is a thick continuous ring of yellow-green-brown smegma at least a quarter inch thick around the crown. The acrid smell intensifies immensely, making you gag.

“Oh God…” Rachel says as she strokes up and down gripping the shaft tightly. Waves of the rancid smell wafts up with each upstroke.

“Rachel…” you start to say trying not to gag again. But before you can say anything else, her tongue flicks out of her mouth and makes contact with the giant tip of the dirtiest cock you’ve ever seen.

“Oh God it’s so dirty!” Rachel says before swallowing the head of that dirty cock and sucking hard. She gags and her mouth sputters from the smegma but she clamps her lips down and swallows hard.

Rachel’s slides her clamped lips back and a significant amount of the multi-colored smegma around the crown of the big black cock gets sucked into her mouth. Her mouth glides off the tip of the dirty cock that looks a bit cleaner and she pulls her head back, swirling around in her mouth the smegma she scraped off the dirty cock with her lips.

Rachel turns to you, opens her mouth to show you her mouth full of her saliva mixed with granules, and bits and pieces of all different sizes and colors of smegma. She purses her lips and the collection of her saliva and the smegma get pushed into a small pool of fetid liquid that threatens to overflow and flow down her neck.

Rachel sucks it all back in and swallows it all! Smacking her lips Rachel opens it again to show you her dirty deed.

Giving the dirty cock a quick flick with her tongue she stands up, turns around, and lines up her pristine, tiny white pussy at the head of the big black cock. Without any ceremony, or a second thought, your girlfriend of seven years pushes onto another man’s cock for the first time since you met.

“Nnngghhhhh… fuck! This cock is huge, Ross!” Rachel says as it keeps going in deeper. You had no idea, but Rachel keeps taking inch after inch of the monstrous black cock. It’s so thick it stretches her tiny pussy lips and drains all the blood from them.

“Oh Ross! It’s so deep in me!” your girlfriend says as she reaches out to hold your hands.

You grab her small but strong hands and give her your full support. Holding onto your hands gives her the leverage she needs to slide up and down the biggest cock you’ve ever seen. And boy does she.

Rachel grunts and moans as she fucks the giant cock. Less than a minute later, your girlfriend grunts loudly and says, “Oh shit Ross! He’s cumming”

You lean down expecting to see the big dirty black cock spurting but it’s still balls-deep inside her. You do see the base of that cock expanding and contracting.

“Oh Ross… there’s so much cum! I feel it so deep inside me!” Rachel says and continues to fuck that still-hard cock. Your girlfriend continues to fuck it for another five minutes until that cock unloads inside her pussy again.

Rachel just can’t take anymore and pulls her twice-inseminated pussy off the cock. It’s still semi-hard and leaking thick stringy white cum. Your girlfriend grips the cock and brings it to her mouth. You see some smegma left on the crown before Rachel sucks the cum leaking cockhead into her mouth and lavishes attention on it. She spends a great deal of time sucking and licking that cock, and when she’s done, it is shiny clean… no more smegma anywhere. Your girlfriend has licked it all up and swallowed the dirty cum that is now securely inside her flat toned belly.

“Oh Ross… I’m so glad we did this!” Rachel says as the cock pulls back and is replaced by another one.