Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

In the three days leading up to Saturday, Rachel found she was quite a mess. Not only was the situation at work “distracting” her, she now had to think about the potential consequences of having to have sex with her boyfriend’s best friend. Additionally, Ross now expected to have sex with Monica when she went away for two weeks on a business trip with John in two weeks!

Rachel’s mind whirled and her body tingled with anxiety all day and night. Rachel agonized over not believing in birth control. Her religious beliefs were strong and she had never allowed herself to use any form of birth control.

It was only her other religious belief that a girlfriend should always obey and be loyal to her boyfriend that kept her from acting on the annulment. Then the guilt overwhelmed her. She wasn’t sure why she had let her boss John get so close to her emotionally or why she always chose to spend a little extra time in his office after business was done.

It was one of those times when she chose to sit right next to John on the couch in his office that one fateful day. John has been just so charming, and said all the right things, and just smelled so good, and (most attractive of all) was just so confident of himself. He had said something funny and she leaned her head into his shoulder… except it wasn’t his shoulder, it was his head.

John had slouched down as he laughed at his own joke and their faces ended up being less than an inch apart. Rachel remembered the agonizingly long moment when she could feel John’s warm sweet breath against her face. One breath… two… and on the third Rachel leaned forward and kissed his lips.

John had not resisted and they kissed for a long minute. When they came up for air, she remembered they were both smiling. Nothing else happened, but Rachel was so excited she could feel her crotch getting wet. She hurried out of work and confessed everything to Monica.

This was why she found herself in this predicament. For having confessed her sin of adultery to her best friend and confidant who ended up blackmailing her into performing a sexual act. And somehow, it evolved to her having sex with her best friend’s husband.

It took Rachel’s breath away a little thinking about Saturday night.