Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by DJ Z FAN...)

You whisper in Rachel’s ear, “I want you all to myself, so let’s go home.”

She hesitates before grabbing your hand and following you out of the porno theater, leaving behind a bunch of frustrated and horny guys.

You call a cab and you can see she is a little disappointed. In the back seat you pull her close to you and with your left hand you gently rub the side of her left breast, while with your right hand you start fingering her wet pussy. You continue doing this, speeding up the longer the trip goes, and by the time she gets home you can see she is flushed from being intimate in the back of a cab.

When you walk inside you push her hard against the wall, remove her dress and start fucking her right there. You remember you are not wearing a condom but this was the plan anyway had those guys not been so interested in touching your girlfriend.

After a while you get tired from banging Rachel against the wall and you carry her to the bed.