Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Jamie’s body shudders as he empties his nuts into Rachel’s pussy for the third time of the night. That’s quite a marathon of video sexting between Monica and Jamie with Rachel serving as the surrogate body. Except the third time was not part of the video sex thing… it was Jamie pounding your girlfriend’s pussy in animalistic fucking against her wishes.

Just the thought of it makes your cock hard as nails.

“Oh fuck Rachel… your pussy is magical! It’s like it was made for my cock!” Jamie says as he lays his big heavy body down on her tiny form.

Rachel grunts from having to support his immense weight with her body. “Please Jamie… please take your cock out of me. We shouldn’t have done this. I have to get home to Ross.”

“Yeah… okay. You should go home. I gotta get some sleep too. My kids will give me a run for my money tomorrow morning if I don’t get some rest. Thanks again for letting us borrow your body… and your pussy? Mmm! Definitely want that again!” your best friend says and pulls his giant cock out of her.

You watch transfixed as inch after inch of his massive cock seems to slither out of her like a snake leaving its warm, safe, burrow. You just can’t believe how much cock your little girlfriend can hold inside her tight pussy. His cockhead pulls out of her body with a sucking sound and a light pop. There’s a second of gape, then her pussy closes up. As her pussy closes, you can see a thick swath of sperm-filled semen welling up from deep inside her, poised to spill out of her.

“Woah… goddamn! That’s a lotta my swimmers inside your pussy, Rachel! Hold on a second woman. Let me just look at it for a minute…” Jamie says and leans his upper body into Rachel’s crotch. His one hand is holding her left thigh back against her torso and the other hand is on her pussy lips spreading them apart.

“Oh… Jamie… please… let me go back to my boyfriend…” Rachel pleads with your best friend.

“In a minute, woman. I want to see my cum swirling around inside your pussy… and there’s so much more than I’ve ever cum! I have to play with this for a minute. Hold your legs back,” Jamie says to her.

“Oh… o… okay… but please, just one minute,” Rachel says and holds the backs of her knees and pushes up her hips so her pussy is pointed straight up.

“Good baby… Mmmm! That’s a beautiful sight! All that sperm swirling around inside you, trying to make you pregnant,” Jamie says and inserts his index finger from each hand into her pussy and pulls her open like the opening of a balloon. As her pussy widens, Jamie’s cum recedes back into her body. He inserts a middle finger from one hand and holds her pussy open while he uses the other index finger to actually swirl his cum around inside her.

“Oh Jamie… what are you doing? Please stop doing that, or you’re gonna push your sperm into my womb!” Rachel warns.

“That’s a good idea!” Jamie says and begins to shove his giant finger deeper into your girlfriend’s pussy. He obviously hit pay-dirt.

“Oh my god Jamie… your finger is prying at my cervix. Please stop. You’re gonna make me pregnant if you haven’t already!” Rachel says to your friend.

“What? You mean to tell me you’re not on any birth control?” Jamie says, his face looking shocked.

“Yes Jamie… no birth control. Not since Ross had his vasectomy…” Rachel confesses.

“Hot damn! I’m gonna knock up my best friend’s girlfriend! Monica will love it!” Jamie says, moves up and sticks his renewed cock back into your girlfriend. His cock pushes into her to the hilt, and the sperm inside her gets squished out as he starts fucking her again.

“Nooooo… pleeeaaaassssee!” Rachel protests but she’s not physically resisting. In fact it looks as if she’s pulling her knees back farther to help him pound into her easier.

“Get ready Rachel… my big black cock can stay hard for hours… and my nuts can make cum on demand. I’m gonna fill you with enough sperm to make a hundred women pregnant!” Jamie says and kisses your girlfriend who doesn’t resist.

You blow your nuts without even touching yourself. You didn’t even know you were even that excited.