Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

The inside of Rachel’s pussy was like nothing John had ever felt. Because of the size of his cock, most women felt pretty tight, which was nice for him but it was different with Rachel. As soon as his cock entered her body John knew she was different from any other woman he was able to get his cock into.

Rachel’s vagina pulsed as he entered her. Her muscles expanded and contracted, massaging his shaft. Her muscles undulated into herself from the entrance to her womb. Ribbons of her vaginal muscles would expand to allow more of his shaft into herself, then clamp down after he progressed a little.

This expanding and contracting of her vaginal muscles felt to John like her pussy was sucking on his cock. Sucking his shaft deeper and deeper into her. By the time he was inside her to the hilt, it felt as if there was a tight ring that travelled from the entrance to her pussy up to the tip of his cock inside her.

And never had any other woman been able to take his entire fully erect length inside their pussy. There was one woman who had taken his length inside her anus, but no one had been able to take him in their pussy… until Rachel.

Not only was she tighter than any other woman he’s been with, but the amount of heat she generated was incredible. Never had he ever felt such heat coming from inside a woman. Her vagina felt like a blast furnace, ready to melt his cock down to its base elements.

John knew he wouldn’t last very long inside Rachel’s magical vagina. He started to take deep tantric breaths to stave off the eruption of sperm and seminal fluid that he knew was ready because he didn’t want this wondrous feeling to end. John didn’t know when or if he might ever get to fuck this amazing blonde, blue-eyed beauty again.

Even with the deep breathing that he knew always helped him hold on longer and longer when having sex and getting overstimulated, John felt his cum bubbling up out of his massive balls. Balls that were drawn in on themselves in readiness like a coiled spring shaking to release its stored energy.

Rachel’s whole body was definitely struggling John could see. She hadn’t stopped vibrating since getting his entire length inside herself and the sweating had begun almost immediately. Rachel was sweating so profusely that it was dripping off her chin, nose, and ears. Her blonde hair looked like she had just gotten out of a shower. Tendrils of wet yellow hair were plastered and matted down against her face.

John didn’t try to move in and out of Rachel who appeared to be having an out of body experience. She was whimpering and she might have been crying a bit. Remaining still inside her was still taking a toll on John’s efforts to not cum. Her pussy was milking him for all she was worth it seemed.

Instead of moving in and out of her, John just let his hands roam around her body. John felt the taut muscles of her hips, tight tummy, and the raised outline of her downward pointing triangular tribal tramp stamp.

With a loud shout Rachel suddenly sprayed John with an oily musk. It had a very strong odor that completely filled John’s nostrils. Rachel’s pussy went into rapid spasms. The muscular contraction pattern didn’t change, they were just happening much, much faster. It felt like a giant flesh sleeve was sliding up and down his shaft.

Unable to withstand such stimulation, John’s balls released what must have been the biggest load of his life. He could feel it coursing through his penis, pushing everything out of its way on its journey into the depths of Rachel’s body.

John came so hard, so much, for so long that he thought he had pissed into Rachel. When his cock relaxed after several seconds and contracted again to release another massive flow of cum he realized he was filling her up with his sperm. John felt his cock expand, the cum flowing deep into his blonde employee’s eager womb nearly a dozen times before his cock stopped spasming.

With the amount of semen John ejaculated, it should have been squished out of her body, but her cervix was nearly two inches dilated from the pressure of his cockhead pressing against it hard for more than ten minutes. Rachel had pried open the entrance to her womb by pressing down so hard on John’s massive cock.

Nearly an ounce of John’s sperm-filled cum blasted directly into Rachel’s fertile womb. There was so much that John’s semen became pushed into her Fallopian tubes, quickly overtaking Jamie’s sperm. Jamie’s sperm had taken two days to get into her Fallopian tubes, with most of them dying off getting there. And now the paltry twenty thousand or so that made it this far were pushed back and got lost in the surging crowd of billions of John’s virulent sperm.

Within minutes, John’s sperm had found Rachel’s egg and had penetrated it.

John wondered why none of his cum came leaking back out. What he and Rachel didn’t know was that the top half of John’s glans was securely plugged into the dilated opening of Rachel’s cervix. This was keeping all of his sperm trapped inside her uterus.