Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by groves...)

“Did you see that in there? He just couldn’t get enough!”

Rachel’s voice cuts through your frenzy, followed by another moan from your ministrations.

“He didn’t just want to cum — ahhh! — he wanted to take me. He wanted to fuck me deep and slow. He wanted to make love to me. Fuck! Did he!”

You feel a hand leave your head. You don’t dare stop your assault on your girlfriend){r2:wife’s snatch, but you are able to pry your eyes up to look at her. The hand has moved to her breast, which she massages with her head back, eyes lilted shut in pleasure.

“I knew I cu- oh fuck!”

The hand in your hair grips tighter as you slobber on Rachel’s clit. Her breath quickens and she squeals, curling her legs up to let you in deeper.

“I knew I could seduce him, but I didn’t know how good I’d be at it! Christ I’m so fucking hot!”

She looks down and meets your gaze. You quickly try to look back toward her pussy but she pulls you up by your hair to look at her again. She bites her lip and increases her grinding.

“Look at me. I know you want to. You need to. Your girlfriend){r2:wife is the sexiest person you’ve ever seen!”

Her other hand returns to your head. She doesn’t let you up for air as she shoves herself almost violently against your tongue.

“Everyone wants to fuck her. Absolutely everyone! And they will! Ahh!”

She holds you against her as she coils her whole body around your head, wailing and spamming in orgasm. You hold her legs as your tongue goes into overdrive and you lap up her cum on your face. You start to feel lightheaded before she releases you. She pulls you up by your chin and suddenly your lips are locked again as she passionately kisses you in a push up position. She breaks it after a moment, licking her lips clean of the juices. You lurch forward but there’s a hand in your hair again that stops you. You open her eyes to see your girlfriend){r2:wife smiling.

“Good boy.”

She pushes you backwards, laying you down on your back as she crawls over you.

“You’ve earned your reward now.”

She backs up until her snatch is over your hard cock, then settles herself on it, letting out a soft gasp as you fill her again. Rachel puts a hand on your stomach and rocks her hips back and forth. Her velvet walls massage your shaft and you groan, eliciting a soft chuckle from Rachel.

“You like that? You like how I feel around your hard cock?”

She puts her hands on your chest and delicately slides them up to your shoulders.

“You like when I let you in to my tight little cunny?”

You can only moan in response, your eyes widening as she lifts herself barely and inch off of you before settling back down again. She grins a Cheshire grin and lifts herself again, halfway off you. You expect her to let herself down again but she stays up, the air of the room cooling you, her hands softly stroking your clavicle.

“I’ll ask again. Do you like it when I let you fuck me?”

You swallow hard. Begging your voice to start working again. She drops halfway through your answer.

“Ye-s-s,” you blurt as she picks up a rhythm, methodically pumping your cock with her hips. “Yes, I love when you fuck me. I love you.”

Rachel’s hands wander on your chest as she joins you in panting through your humping. Her fingers curl on your skin and travel up to your neck, wrapping around your throat lightly as her other hand plants itself next to your head in the bed, helping her force her pussy down on you harder. She looks into your eyes and grins as your hips unconsciously meet hers.

Your cock is taking over your mind. You crave Rachel. Her movements, her cunt, her body, her skin. Your hand comes up and grips her waist lightly. The hand she had on the bed immediately jumps to your wrist. She sits up straight, plunging you all the way inside her, before prying your hand off her side and slapping you in the face. You stop your humping in shock, but the unexpected slap causes you to buck slightly under her weight.

“Bad boy,” she scolds, “Did I say you could touch?”

The voice you found earlier has left once more. You try to say something but only some short babblings come out. She slaps you again, a little harder.

“Did I say you could touch?” She slides her hand away from you and puts it behind her. A second later, you feel it again. The soft skin of your girlfriend){r2:wife’s hand rests now on your balls.


You find your voice again. “No. You didn’t.”

Her hand doesn’t move from your jewels. Her hips, however, start to sway again. “Ask.”

The sensation of her pussy once again milking your cock is clouded by confusion. “Wha-”

“Ask if you can touch me.”

Your hands are at your sides, slowly curling into fists as this goddess makes her demands. “Can I touch you? Please?”

She slows slightly, a hand still grazing your balls behind her. “No.”

Rachel increases her pace tenfold, suddenly and forcefully humping you. You groan in ecstasy at the return of stimulation to your aching dick. You instinctively raise your hands. Between heavy breaths Rachel pants.

“Touch me again and I go back to Jamie. Maybe he’ll behave better.”

You freeze where you are, Rachel’s bouncing driving you insane with desire. She puts a hand on your chest. The hand that once lightly gripped your balls is now massaging them as she forces you in and out of her slick wet tunnel. You moan in ecstasy, moans that Rachel recognizes.

“Are you gonna cum? You want me to make you cum?” Rachel growls, her hips a blur on your lap.

You don’t hesitate to answer. “Yes! Yes!”


“Please! Please make me cum!”

Rachel moves her hands to your shoulders, leans back and pulls you so you’re sitting upright. “Touch me.”

You wrap your arms around your girlfriend){r2:wife as she thrusts forcefully on your dick. Her mouth goes to your neck and licks and sucks as she holds you close. You simply can’t take anymore. You hug Rachel close to you and pump into her, unloading your cum into her heavenly snatch. She grinds on you and tilts her head back, emptying your balls and stroking your head as you struggle to catch your breath in her shoulder. She puts a hand on your cheek and looks in your eyes.

“You’re welcome,” she whispers.

You are far too tired to think. “Thank you,” you breathe back, “I love you.”

She kisses you, pulling you down on top of her. She lies down in the center of the bed and pulls you to her. You wrap your arms around her waist as she strokes your hair, your head against her heaving bosom. As you both catch your breath, she kisses your head. The exhaustion of the day catches up with you both. You drift slowly to sleep.