Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Scoo-bi...)

The week drives by slowly and you can’t stop thinking about Monica and her perfect mommy milker. How many times have you spent jerking off in the bathroom to her Instagram photos? But now it’s really going to happen! You can’t believe that Rachel and Monica are really okay with this.

Friday night rolls around, and your girlfriend comes down the stairs in a silky nightgown that she has left partially open in the front, giving a glimpse of her perfect tits. She promises you that she and Monica are totally on board with this and have talked about doing this for years. You have a gut feeling that something’s off, and wonder why you okayed some guy to fuck your girlfriend that you haven’t even met.

All those thoughts are interrupted when the doorbell suddenly rings.

Rachel gets the door as you stand their paralyzed by your growing erection as your lust for Monica overtakes all your fears. Monica struts in the door wearing a tight black sleeveless dress that barely covers her ass. As she is giving Rachel a hug you just realize who her new boyfriend is, and why your girlfriend didn’t tell you much about him. He is your best friend Jamie!

You shout to Jamie, “What the fuck are you doing here!” But before he can reply, Monica struts up to you, tits bouncing as you notice she has no bra on, and grabs your cock through your pants as she whispers in your ear, “If you want me to ride your cock, you’re going to have to let your best friend have a piece of your girlfriend.” You want to protest, to call the whole thing off, but your lustful desires to fuck Monica win the battle.

As Monica releases her grip on your throbbing cock Jamie says to you, “Hey bro, I’m sorry, I was told it was going to be a surprise to you that I came tonight, but I was assured you would be okay with it.”

You reply while your mind is replaying Monica’s bouncing tits in that dress. “Fuck it, let’s do this. You have always been a good friend to me and I know you have always had a crush on my girlfriend.” You both turn to Rachel and you ask, “What do we do next?”

Monica and your girlfriend exchange grins as Rachel covers herself back up in her robe and says, “You two are going to play a little game. How far you go will determine how far were willing to go with you.”

You and Jamie exchange worried looks as Monica says, “Now take off your clothes, let’s see whatcha got!”