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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Huang Suave...)

“I want you to hunt down a girl in the woods and rape her!” Rachel gushes out.

“Wait, what?!” you say, shocked and slightly afraid.

“I want you-”

“No I heard you It’s just… Why?”

Your girlfriend, oblivious to your lack of enthusiasm, leans back and slips a hand down to her nethers.

“It’s been one of my oldest fantasies as long as I can remember.”

“Whyyyyy?” you ask, shrinking away slightly.

“It’s how my parents met and it’s how I want you to prove we can truly last as a couple.”

It takes a few moments for the several levels of insane to wash over you. You look away at a wall, glancing at the painting of the woods that Rachel hung up early in the relationship, before you were even married. You quickly look back at your girlfriend, who’s still pleasuring herself.

You’re tempted to ask if she’s joking, but you’ve been together long to know she serious. And considering the topic, that’s pretty serious. Rachel, finally noticing the fact you’re not on-board, says, “I’ve already got it all figured out. Y’know my friend Monica, she’s going out for one of her weekly hikes. I already know the path she’s going to take and everything.”

A look of horror is the only response she gets.

“Oh c’mon, you owe me this Ross.”

“I owe you this, I owe you a woods tracking and a girl raping?”

“Yes, do you how many years I’ve tolerated missionary with the lights off. If you don’t do this I’m gonna fucking burst, Ross,” your girlfriend says (still masturbating by the way.)

You sit there for a while, the only sound in the dark room are Rachel’s impatient moans and the increasingly loud ‘schlik’ as she fingers herself into a frenzy.

You groan and mull it over in your mind. Your girlfriend presses in and moves a hand down to your mostly flaccid cock. She begins to stroke and places gentle kisses on your neck. Her soft breasts pressing against your sides, you almost giggle as her hard nipples poke you.

“Oh c’mon, you know you want this as much as I do.”

You almost scream how wrong it is, but she kisses you full on the lips before you can. “Please, Ross. Think about it, the thrill, the taboo, and Monica. I’ve seen you peeking at her, her big fat ass and those bouncy little tits. Imagine holding her down and fucking her raw, making her scream your name until she can’t even speak.”

Despite yourself, Rachel’s impromptu speech both convinces you and makes you cum. “So what’s… what’s the plan?” you ask, a little breathlessly. The reasonable part of your brain screams while the base part, which is often the part that you listen to, tells you to listen in.