Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

A few months later John approaches you both with an offer, in which he proposes buying you both a small mansion, one that would have built-in 4K cameras in specific rooms. Apparently after the second chamber gangbang and the follow up pics on Instagram and OnlyFans, Rachel has gained international fame in the adult film industry. John wants to capitalize on it, with your girlfriend exclusively fucking members of his society in the mansion, which would be branded “Queen of Spades, BBC Castle” and would feature the first ever progressive pregnancy films, capturing a hotwife’s pregnancy from bareback gangbangs to birth on film.

You and your girlfriend consider the offer, as moving out to the secluded mansion in question would give you all a great deal of privacy, and allow the freedom to fulfill your girlfriend’s every physical desire without having to worry about neighbors, or anyone else for that matter, being noisy or getting involved. Plus the royalties involved would give you both financial security for decades.

John gives you both some time to think about it, especially as one of the contract requirements will be that your girlfriend is not allowed any type of contraception. No condoms, birth control or Plan B pills would be allowed. Fans would be allowed to not only watch every moment of potential impregnation, but also bet on it.

While you hesitate at that last bit, Rachel seems more turned on than ever, and after a few days discussion, you and your girlfriend agree to the deal. A few weeks after moving in, the first gangbangs are scheduled, and Rachel begins having raw unprotected sex with over a hundred BBCs a day during the first week. However, it’s right after her last period so she seems likely that she will have avoided pregnancy from this week.

Right before the second week John surprises you both with the scenario for the coming week. While your girlfriend will still be having unprotected sex with dozens of BBCs each day, there will also be a change regarding the previously closed off hot tub that was in one of the camera rooms: after each gangbang, what you and Rachel thought was a small, one person hot tub, will be filled with sperm collected from every Society member and your girlfriend be required to soak inside it. It turns out they held semen collection drives across the whole area, collecting and storing sperm from thouands of members, just for this event.

While you had thought there was nothing else John could do to surprise you and your girlfriend, once again you can’t help but sit in shock. Rachel on the other hand immediately loves it, even asking you if you would want to fuck her while she’s in the tub. When you decline, she pouts, asking you, “Are you sure you don’t want to help by fucking all that cum into me? I could even climb in and out, and then you’d help fuck in it deeper.”

You hesitate at that last bit, at first still thinking to decline again, but in the end you want to support your girlfriend, plus you like fucking her when she’s full of cum, you just didn’t want to get into the tub yourself, so you agree to it.