Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Something Interesting...)

Your girlfriend lowers her arm from the curtain and calls out to her mom and friend. “I’ll be just a moment then we can talk about this more.”

She tells you to get dressed with a cruel smile, as she pulls out her phone. You can’t tell who or what it is but you know those pictures she sent were real now. She smiles at the message, deep in thought, and turns to you as you’re scrambling to get dressed. You’re unsure if you regret or relish your decision to have her humiliate you.

“Take a picture for me. One of your friends asked for more,” she says with a dreamy look.

You grab the phone with a shaky hand as Rachel takes her dress off and places her hand behind her head, lifting her perfect tits to be even more perky. You snap the photo from belly button to face, and she snatches the phone back from you, not even bothering to put her dress back on first. She types out a quick message and hits send.

By now you have finished staring in shock and gotten your clothes mostly back on, just finishing sliding your shirt on. She puts her dress back on, and completly ignoring you, pulls the curtain open to see an intensity staring Monica and Rachel’s mom Ashley. They look at her with shocked expressions on their faces and then look at you with mild humour in their eyes.

Monica speaks first as you stare down as the floor. “Did you send that message on purpose?”

Rachel confidently replies, “Yes, I did. Ross and I are trying something new. You see I finally told him about my desire to humiliate him and he agreed to try it. Not wanting the opportunity to go to waste I needed to make sure and get the most out of it. That’s why I invited both of you to come along today and why he was acting so nervous earlier. Isn’t that right dear?” she asks you in her mock-loving tone.

“Y-yes,” you stutter as you feel your face burn bright while still staring at the floor.

“Now Mom, Monica, he had no idea how far I had planned to go with this. Because just as his pathetic tiny cock can’t satisfy me…” (you feel hurt by the words, you thought you were average at least, and she almost always seems to get off when fucking you)“…he also didn’t know that this isn’t just a one time plan. I invited you two with us so that every time he sees you he will remember today and know that I’m not the only one who knows how pathetic he is. Besides, having to fake every orgasm gets so old after a while.”

Monica and Rachel’s mom share a knowing glance, and then Ashley replies with, “Okay Rachel, what is the plan now?”

Rachel gets a devious smile and says, “Now we are going to a hotel room I rented without him knowing last night, and I will let each of you have a closer look at his caged cock. Then his friend Jamie is going to meet us there in a couple hours and fuck me in front of him. He needs to know what it looks like to have a real man fuck me and it has been so long since I had a real orgasm.”

You look at your girlfriend with your eyes widening. She can’t be serious, you think to yourself. She must be bluffing. But then you remeber the pictures and the message she sent back to him. And you realize she is serious and you don’t know if you should be turned on, or horrified, but your tiny cock (as she has been calling it) decides for you, trying painfully and unsuccessfully to grow in its cage.

“Okay sweetie,” Ashley says, “come on cucky, I want to see that tiny thing you’ve been using on my daughter and you better believe I’m never letting you forget this.”

Monica smiles and says, “Don’t forget me. I want to stay and watch as Jamie fucks you raw. I want to grind in his lap as he is tied down and can’t do anything but leak precum out of his cute little cage!” Then she reaches out and slides her index finger under your chin and moves your head up to look her in the eye. “And if you don’t mind, Rachel, I think I’m gonna use that tongue of his to attempt to bring me off as well.”

“I don’t care at all. Once his friend is done fucking me I am going to make him clean me out anyway.”

Your eyes tear away from Monica and back to Rachel with a look of pleading in them, but no words come out of your mouth.

“Oh and Ross, I know how you always wanted to fuck my virgin asshole, so I’m going to make you watch as your friend fucks it. And I’m going to make you clean it after he cums inside of it.”

You look back down at your feet and just respond, “yes,” defeated. You know you will do whatever they tell you.

Rachel’s mom chimes in, “Well let’s get headed to that hotel. I can’t wait to see his… Tiny. Caged. Prick.” She stares you in the eye as she adds emphasis to each word, smiling slightly.