Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

The next few days are pretty uneventful. Your girlfriend stays with her mother for most of the first week, visiting family and old friends, and the neighborhoods she grew up in. She sends you photos of her dancing in clubs with her old friends, and you can’t help but notice how sexy she looks in the dresses she brought with her, some of them very short, with lots of cleavage, and extremely provocative. You find yourself jerking off several times, imagining her actually fucking someone else.

The last night before she had to go to the resort, you notice she’s in a new dress. You ask her where she got that one, and she texts you back saying that her best friend from high school (who’s still quite the party girl from your girlfriend’s stories) bought it for her. It’s stunning, like nothing you’ve ever seen her wear, very tight and form-fitting, and having only a small strip off fabric that doesn’t even fully cover her arreolas and leaves the rest of her breasts on display. It’s also so short it leaves about half an inch of her well-rounded and toned ass uncovered, even when she’s standing up straight with her arms down at her side. There’s no back, showing off the top of her bubble butt as well, and a large opening showing off her flat and toned belly, with the opening stopping right below her waistline. It also clearly shows that your girlfriend isn’t wearing a bra or panties, as either one would be visible with how little is actually covered by the dress.

Your cock immediately hardens just looking at the picture. Throughout the night you get several videos, courtesy of Rachel’s friend, of your girlfriend dancing, surrounded by men, who are clearly getting very handsy. For most of the night she slaps hands away from the covered areas while letting did hands roam anywhere that’s not covered by the dress, although by the end of the night, she has several hands blatantly running over her breasts and up the bottom of the dress throughout each of the videos. You’re not sure, but you think that at one point you saw someone’s fingers inside your girlfriend’s pussy, and you can see the quite obvious look of pleasure in her face, her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted, and her hands over the hands of the man behind her while her head is resting back against his shoulder and neck, and she’s still dancing.

The last video you get shows your drunk girlfriend with multiple guys still around her, being blatantly fondled and fingered by the men surrounding her, the bottom of the dress worked up around her rounded hips, her bare ass and pussy exposed, along with the fabric strip that had been covering her nipples is missing, leaving her magnificent breasts fully on display.

You get a text message about forty-five minutes later saying that her friend got Rachel home safe, and alone, and that “nothing more than hand stuff happened.”

The next morning Rachel video-calls you, looking ashamed and terribly embarrassed. “I can’t believe I wore that dress, or that I got that drunk! I had already had a couple drinks when Monica gave me that dress to wear, and everyone kept wanting to buy me drinks! I shouldn’t have danced like that with all those guys, and let them touch me like that. That dress already showed so much, what if they had seen everything? What if they had done more, like fucked me? Can you forgive me?” She finishes, starting to cry.

At this point youre not sure if Monica might have erased some of the videos so your girlfriend wouldn’t freak out as bad, and you decide it’s better to just keep quiet and not ask how much she remembers or has seen herself doing in the videos.

“Honey, it’s okay,” you tell her. “All you did was have some fun, right? You didn’t do anything worth feeling ashamed of. It’s okay. We’ve fantasized about something like this but nothing that major happened, you have nothing to worry about.”

“You’re really okay with what you saw? With what I let them do?” Rachel asks you incredulously.

“I am, to be honest it was a major turn on too. I really enjoyed watching you dance with all those guys, dressed like that.”

Rachel still seems hesitant, but seems to believe you, and calms down a little. “Was it really that hot?”

“It really was, I might have even jerked off to one of the videos, ” you reply with a wink.

“You’re so sick,” you girlfriend says with a laugh, and the first smile you’ve seen on her face since the call began. “Okay, I will let you go I guess. I need to head out to Playa Blanca to check in, I’ll text you when I get there.”

You go about your day after ending the call, although you can’t help but watch the last two videos a couple more times when you’re alone at work. Your phone dies while you’re still at work, and naturally your car charger isn’t in the car. You remember that Rachel took it with her, and you forgot to grab a spare. After you get home you put your phone on the charger, but only after the kids are in bed so you remember to turn it back on and check your messages. You’re immediately swamped with messages.

“I’m here.”

“I checked in.”

“The room is amazing! I wish you had been able to get off work so you could be here with me.”

“I’m heading to the beach, maybe I’ll wear my new bathing suit…”

“Wow, no response huh? Maybe I actually will wear it.”

Sure enough, you get several selfies of her in the discreet crotchless bikini on the beach, followed by a couple of really nice shots of your girlfriend posing for the camera, ones that obviously would require someone else taking the photos, including one with a great view of Rachel from the rear, thigh deep in the water.

“Hope you enjoy the view, the guys here at the beach sure are!”

“You still haven’t answered, I’m a little worried. How you and the kids are okay.”

You text back quickly, letting her know your phone died and you forgot to turn it on after putting it on the charger.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I’m at the resort club, now, I already ate dinner. Here’s some more photos from the beach, the cameraman was very enthusiastic to take more photos.”

You get a whole set of photos, most of which look like they could make the cover of a swimsuit magazine, with your girlfriend posing her breasts up and together, posing with the bikini top held off to the side and her hands covering her breasts. The last few though probably wouldn’t be allowed, as Rachel’s poses seem to be putting the crotchless part of her bikini on display for everyone standing behind her in the shallow water, and several guys staring and not even bothering to hide it.

“Hot damn! Those photos are amazing! You look sexier than ever posing like that!” you text her.

“I’m glad you liked it, hopefully you like tonight’s pictures too, since you liked the club videos so much, I asked Monica where she got the dress she gave me, and got another one on the way here. I needed a new one, as the bra strap on the first one broke somehow.”

You wince as you read the last line of her text, now really wondering how much she remembers.