Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

Although they’re still quite provocative, her videos tonight definitely don’t get as crazy. While she still lets several guys’ hands roam, she stops them from touching or exposing her breasts and pussy. When you and Rachel talk the next morning, she seems nervous at first, but after a little while is much happier after seeing that you really are okay with everything.

Before ending the video call though, she tells you, “I’ve got a surprise for you mi amor, it’s an early Valentine’s present.”

She then puts the phone on the counter and steps back, and you see that she completely naked. She then starts touching and fingering her breasts and pussy, before mounting the suction cup dildo to the glass wall of the overhead walk-in shower. Rachel turns the shower on, and then turns to the side, ass facing the dildo, and then slowly, with each short reverse thrust, works the dildo into her pussy until her ass is pressed up against the glass, with the dildo buried fully inside her.

The shower is steamed up after only a few minutes, giving you a surprisingly sexy show featuring your girlfriend’s naked silhouette being fucked by a large cock, in fact, of you hadn’t seen that the shower was empty before the walls steamed up, you’d swear she was actually getting fucked by a person. Rachel is bent over at the waist, slamming back each time until her her gorgeous bubble butt pressing against the glass. Before long she’s come twice, shrieking through both orgasms.

The shower turns off and your girlfriend steps out, walks to the phone before smiling, although her face looking a little tired. “Did you enjoy the show, my love? Did you enjoy watching your girlfriend acting like a whore?”

“Oh very much so,” you reply with a huge grin, “In fact, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for Valentine’s day if this is a pre-Valentine’s day gift.”

“Mmm, who knows what I have in store for you, ” Rachel says with a wink. “I’m going to head down to the pool and hot tub, I’ll talk to you later.”

You both say your goodbyes, and then you take care of the kids and drop them off at their respective schools before heading off to work. Around lunch time you get a text from your girlfriend saying, “The kids are going to my sister’s house for a sleep over, she called me when you didn’t answer and asked if it would be okay.”

You didn’t notice any missed calls before, but sure enough, you have two. You respond back letting your girlfriend know that’s fine. To your surprise, that’s the last you hear from her until late that night and there’s no answer to any of your texts or calls. A little after 10 PM (midnight for your girlfriend) you get a series of pictures and videos, and start watching the first one, which begins with Rachel in the hot tub, with three guys sitting around her, and wearing her crotchless bikini!

With a drink in hand that never seems to drop below half full before being replaced by a full one throughout any of the videos, you watch your girlfriend flirt with three strangers. By the third video, she actually sitting in one man’s lap, and only one of that man’s hands are visible above the water.

The following sets of photos show Rachel at the beach, building a sand castle. While this seems like it might be innocent, your girlfriend’s position on all fours means anyone behind her is going to get a glimpse of her pussy. Sure enough, the next video catches a couple of young, fit guys passing behind your girlfriend and then pausing, one of them seemingly pointing out her bikini bottoms to the other.

They walk up and apparently invite your girlfriend to go swimming with them because the video stops there and the next one shows Rachel out in the water with the two guys, splashing and being chased by the two men through the chest deep water. One of them catches her and pulls her to him by her waist while his friend approaches from the front. The video captures your girlfriend’s smile and laughter throughout all of this, as the second man grabs her legs, one on each arm. Even as the first man changes his grip to hold her by her upper torso Rachel seems to be enjoying herself.

You watch as the two men lower your girlfriend so that only her head is out of the water, and they move closer until she is sandwiched between them. The camera moves closer, and that’s when you realize, you have no idea who’s been taking all these videos and pictures. As the two men begin kissing Rachel, she leans her head back, clearly enjoying their attentions. All you can see in the video is the sets of shoulders and their heads, but a few minutes later you see her bikini bra float up to the surface, and no one seems to be trying to grab it. One of the men’s head goes underwater and your girlfriend moans and looks straight at the camera.

“I hope you’re enjoying your Valentines day present mi amor,” Rachel gasps and moans again. “You were right, I guess I just couldn’t help myself, I was so lonely with my first Valentine’s day with no boyfriend in ten years coming up, with no one to help me when I’m so horny!”

She pauses as the man in front of her comes back up to the surface and kisses her, and the man behind her lifts her up just enough that Rachel’s breasts rise out of the water, allowing you to see the two pairs of hands touching and squeezing them. “Oh, I hope you two aren’t planning to take advantage of me when I’m so lonely and horny without my boyfriend,” Rachel says to the two men, breathlessly. The video ends with your girlfriend moaning while tightly squeezed been the two of them, and you notice the next text message says, “Don’t worry, the guy holding the camera caught my bikini top before it floated away. And no, I still haven’t let anyone fuck me, I’m being a good girl.”

You snort as you read that last line, as that last video was unbelievably erotic, watching your girlfriend be fondled and touched by strangers while topless at a public beach. Good girl indeed.