Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

By the time you wake up on Valentine’s morning, you find there’s already two videos waiting on your phone for you. You watch as the the men wake your girlfriend by two of them licking and sucking on her large breasts, while the third licks her pussy. It’s not long before your girlfriend is awake, horny, and climbing onto the enormous black cock, riding him while sucking on another cock, and soon enough, the other man lines up his lubed up cock with her asshole, and you watch her being gangbanged.

You notice about halfway through that none of them are wearing condoms, and remember that her birth control had run out a little over a week before she left. Rachel ends up taking a load in each of her holes this time, but it’s in the second video that you start to worry. In that video, they each take multiple turns fucking and cumming only in her pussy, not even bothering with condoms at this point, though they do fuck Rachel in multiple positions. By the end of the second video, your girlfriend’s pussy is overflowing with cum, a low steady stream pouring out of her pussy as she lays on the bed.

Rachel texts you around lunch time.

“Omg mi amor, I can’t believe they all came inside me! I know that with John, there wasn’t a condom that would fit him, but I still had plenty for the other two. I talked with them about not cumming inside me without a condom. We’re all going to go to a secluded part of the beach, John had rented out his own private cabana, and don’t worry, I’ll send you the pics and videos. I love you! Thank you for being okay with me fulfilling my fantasy without you. Happy Valentine’s day!”

Later that afternoon you get a video call from your girlfriend, and you shut your office door before answering.

Rachel is looking flushed, and is wearing the crotchless bikini again, while sitting inside the cabana. She also looks a bit nervous, which given everything that’s happened so far you wonder what she could be worried about.

“Mi amor, I need to ask you something. I know I’ve already been with three guys, which is way more than I ever even thought I might be with, despite our fantasy play, but this is bigger.”

You get concerned, wondering what she means by bigger, but decide to let her tell you instead of letting your mind run rampant with that thought. “Sure, what is it honey?”

“It’s Jaime and Mateo, they’re both local and told their friends what they’ve been doing, and now there’s a bunch of their friends that want to join in too. I think it’s too much too soon, but they insist that they already invited them, and they even told them where we’re going to be at the beach, and they gave them my room number,” your girlfriend says quietly.

“Rachel, if you don’t feel safe or comfortable with a situation, just leave if you have to. The whole point of this is for you to have fun, not be scared,” you tell her.

“But what about your fantasy, Ross? I know you’ve been looking up gangbang porn online,” she replies.

’Well, shit,’ you think to yourself, ‘she hit the nail on the head with that one.’ It has been your fantasy for years to watch your girlfriend gangbanged by a large group of strangers. You don’t tell her that, not wanting to push her into something she doesn’t want and ruin the current situation.

“Honey, if you want this, it’s okay, I’m not going to be mad because you fucked a couple more guys, but if it’s not what you want then ask to change rooms and don’t see those two guys anymore,” you tell her instead.

“Okay. Okay, I think I will tell them I don’t feel comfortable with having more people involved.” Rachel blows you a kiss, then continues, “Thank you for listening, and for being so supportive. To think we could have started this years ago, if I had known how good it was going to feel and that you really would be okay with it, without using it as an excuse to sleep around with other women. Okay, I’ll text you later, bye.”

After she hangs up, you don’t hear anything from your girlfriend again until much later in the day. Apparently Monica didn’t stay with Rachel today, it being Valentine’s day she had her own plans, so there was no one to send you regular updates, or the pictures and videos. You start getting notifications around 9 pm, and it’s pretty much just a few pictures followed by videos.