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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Huang Suave...)

The reasonable part of your brain, finally fed up with your shit, sits this one out and lets the base part instruct you. You move to your feet and say, “Get up… uh, you… bitch.”

The fearful look lessens somewhat but she complies, standing and pressing her back against one of the massive trees.

“Uh…yeah, so uh, get undressed now,” you say, giving your best impression of Nathan Explosion. She doesn’t move, instead just staring at you. You didn’t prepare for this and, in a moment of panic, you listen to your base part and give her a quick kidney shot. Nothing too hard, but you let her know.

Monica gasps and holds her side, tears welling up and rolling down her face.

“Oh God, don’t do that,” you say looking away somewhat. “Just get undressed.”

She shakily pulls off her top, her tiny tits popping out and bouncing like two kids on a bed. Although no more than a handful, they both look oddly appetizing, especially the way her tiny pink nipples began to harden in the cool air. You hesitantly grab one her breasts and squeeze, her whimpering moan makes your dick even harder.

Monica looks away and hooks her thumbs in her pants and slowly begins to pull down. You almost tell her to stop. Almost. But the sight of her lightly-trimmed pubic hair drives you over the edge. You’re riding this rape train to the bittersweet end. You’re riding that fucker to climax city, stopping only to kick your humanity off the back and maybe pick up a pack of cigarettes.

Monica eventually reveals her glistening honeypot. It shocks you how wet she is — trails of shiny girl juices run down her legs and dampen the crotch of her shorts.

In the corner of your eye you see your girlfriend move into place, getting the perfect view of the situation. She gives you a thumbs up with her free hand, the other currently pumping away at her ravenous cunny. A place it’s come to know incredibly well within the last day or so — she masturbated before she fell asleep, when she woke up, in the shower, at breakfast, at the car ride over, the hike up, and ever since.

You turn your attention back to Monica, who’s watching you with terror-filled eyes. You’re still gonna give her the pounding of a lifetime, but you decide to treat her to what your girlfriend refers to as the clam jam. You put a hand on her stomach, pressing her to the tree. You spread her legs and slowly make your way to her moist slit. You run a finger up and down, drawing out moans and shivers. Tentatively you probe her with your tongue before giving up all pretense of shyness and really dig in.

You treat her pussy like it’s a bomb that can only be defused by licking. She struggles away, but bucks her hips towards you regardless. With your tongue buried inside, you began to rub her protruding clit. Her hand clamps down on the back of your head and the moan she’s been holding back finally explodes out of her. You grab a handful of her plump ass and work your tongue around. You can’t get enough of her taste and she in turn can’ get enough of your tongue.

When Monica finally does cum (and boy does she) you are left wondering if this still classified as rape. (It’s yes, if you really don’t know.) Her sweet girl cum dribbles down your chin and rushes into your mouth. The only thing holding her up right now is your face and the death grip you have on her cheeks. When you release her she slides down the tree, much like the tears slide down her face. You stand and wince as your entrapped boner screams for freedom.

Monica notices your sizable bulge and stares at it with a mixture of fear and awe. You unbuckle your pants and slip out of them, your towering man-hood wobbling in the open air. “Yeah, uh bitch… Suck it.”

She gently grabs it and opens and shuts her mouth. She looks torn, so you help her out. You shove your cock into her small mouth, but only the first few inches make it in. You shudder as her moan makes it away around your unbelievably hard meat.

You swivel your hips and suppress a moan of you own. Monica, taking a hint, begins to bob up and down on your shaft. She looks up and immediately looks back down when met with your rape face. You press forward, trying to get a little more in, another inch. Only to be met with a gag and even less dick in her mouth. You decide to not press your luck and just let her do what she can. You’re not the best rapist in the world.

Her pale pink lips stretch around the wider parts of your shaft but rapidly reform when she goes back to your engorged head. She begins to pick up tempo and synchronizes with your thrusts. It isn’t too much of a stretch to believe that this is her first time. You brush a red bang out of her face and cup her cheek. Which begins to rapidly fill with cum. You shoot several thick ropes of your salty jizz in her very-much-unprepared mouth.

Monica pulls away, a mouthful of baby batter exploding out and covering her sweat — and now semen — covered breasts. She gasps for air and you lay your thick rod across her face. Some semen dribbles out and lands in her red hair. She stares up at you with one eye, but not so much in terror. She places a kiss on the side of your still erect cock and looks you directly in your eye.

Geez, Monica’s kind-of making you uncomfortable. You wonder if there’s some odd form of super advanced Stockholm Syndrome where you don’t even have to lock them up but you just have to rape them. That’s going to be an interesting Google search.

You lift Monica to her feet and turn her around, making her stick her glorious derriere out towards your pillar of awesome masculinity. You squeeze her buns against your sausage and slowly grind. Your cock’s still slick with cum and saliva and easily slides in and out of her ass cleavage. She wiggles her hips and almost coos at you. You remove your shirt and wipe off the sweat that’s been gathering on the exposed parts of your face.

You grab your schlong and rub it against her gushing mound, she whines in anticipation and gently presses against you. Man, this became consensual fast. You press and slowly, so agonizingly slowly, your head it makes its way in. Monica cries out, her pussy too tight for your cock. With a sigh you pull what little was in out again and slowly stroke to keep yourself hard.