Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

The first videos show your girlfriend posing in the cabana and on the beach, followed by videos of her fucking John and the other two guys, who are definitely wearing condoms at her insistence, while still wearing her bikini. Your favorite part is absolutely where all three are fucking her at the same time, with John in her pussy, and the other two her asshole and mouth.

The videos show your girlfriend getting increasingly drunk, and by nightfall they’re all back in the club. Rachel is wearing another very revealing dress, this one is even sheer on top of barely covering any of her skin. After a fair bit of dancing and groping, you realize that Jaime and Mateo may have led her away from the main club, although you can still hear the music playing in the background. There’s also a lot more guys around her, and the crowd follows her as Rachel leaves the club and is led to her suite.

It’s fairly obvious that she’s very drunk, as she welcomes everyone to the Valentine’s after-party. You watch her dancing in the room become no more than an excuse for men to touch her, and by the time the second song being played ends, your girlfriend is being helped out of her dress, naked while surrounded by strange men.

They quickly begin kissing and touching your girlfriend all over, and soon enough you can tell she’s getting lost in the pleasurable sensations and buzz of the alcohol, holding their hands and making them finger her pussy, holding their heads tighter to her while they suck on her breasts and nipples. While you’re worried that she’s lost all control of the situation you’re also more turned on than ever, watching the situation unfold, and knowing that it’s just a recording and you’re powerless to do anything about it.

You watch as the crowd of men run their hands all over your girlfriend’s well-rounded hips and her toned, smooth, peach-shaped ass, along with her large firm breasts and yet again freshly shaved pussy. Before long, they’re all naked as well, and Rachel is sucking and jacking off every cock within reach, while the man directly behind her lines his cock up with and slides it into her pussy bareback. He throws his hands up to cheers as he starts pounding away, causing your girlfriend to unintentionally deep throat the cock she had been sucking on. Meanwhile she’s still jacking off a cock with each hand.

After a few minutes of fucking the man grabs her round hips and pulls her ass back as he thrusts in harder, then slams in balls-deep and holds it. Your girlfriend moans like a wild animal around the cock in her mouth, and whoever is holding the camera moves it in close as the cock in Rachel’s pussy is pulled out. A small dollop of cum leaks out of her pussy and starts to run down her thigh to even more cheers, and another cock is swiftly lined up and shoved balls-deep inside Rachel’s pussy in one stroke. The cock she’s been sucking on pulls out of her mouth and blasts cum all over her face, and is quickly replaced as well.

As another load of cum is deposited into your girlfriend’s pussy, Rachel shrieks and comes hard, her whole body shuddering. She’s given a couple more shots of something clear, then moved out onto the suite balcony. Rachel supports herself with both arms bent and resting on the railing, her breasts hanging over the side, and then the next cock slides into her pussy. The camera catches the way her ass ripples as she’s fucked, as well as her breasts swaying in full view of anyone who happens to be on the beach that night.