Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You can’t see it all since no one is moving the camera, but several groups of men down on the beach look up to see your girlfriend in an her nude glory, being fucked on the open balcony, and start heading towards that part of the hotel. You do see a large and growing group of men enter your girlfriend’s suite though, and some of them start writing with a marker all over her body. Things like ‘whore, ‘ ‘bitch, ‘ and ‘cum slut’ are written on her face, while ‘cum here, ‘ ‘cum dumpster, ‘ and ‘use me’ are written around her pussy. Right above her ass, like a tramp stamp, you see ‘black cock slut’ and ‘free use’ written.

Rachel doesn’t seem to care about any of it. Despite having sobered up early on in the gangbang, she has completely given in the the pleasurable sensations flooding her body. You watch as your girlfriend is fucked and filled with cum for the next couple of hours, before the video ends. You video call her after it’s over, and when she answers, she’s one again covered in a glaze of cum, but as it’s fresh, it glistens in the light streaming into her suite.

“So, is this what you wanted to see, Ross?” she asks you.

“My god Rachel, that was sooo hot to watch. Are you feeling okay?”

“I’m fine, ”she replies. “I just thought I would call you before they start again.” She pans the camera around the room, showing the large crowd of men filling her suite.

“They’re still there?” you exclaim, surprised at the number of men, most all of them black, still remaining at this point.

“Si, it turns out they want more, ” Rachel says, her tone playful and smooth, “do you want me to give them more, my love?”

You barely manage to say yes, in total shock at the situation.

The men immediately crowd around your girlfriend once again, and using the cum as lube, start gangbanging her in all her holes the moment she’s on the bed. You watch live as Rachel is fucked and inseminated, someone holding the phone allowing you a close up of the cocks going on and out of her, cum leaking out around the sides of their cocks.

You end up calling in sick for work, as you watch your girlfriend fucked over live video for hours at a time, over and over again for the remaining three days, pausing only to eat or sleep, with men leaving and new men showing up at random. Some even appear to come back later. Apparently word got around the resort that all you had to do was show up and have a big cock, and you could fuck this amazing looking slut, and she’d let you cum inside her too! So there had been a steady stream of men arriving throughout the days-long gangbang. All the while your girlfriend never cleans the cum off anything other than her face.

You lose track of how many times you’ve jerked off watching your cum-covered and cum-filled girlfriend fucking strangers, though by the end of the third day her pussy is very red and swollen. When she does go to clean up, Rachel notices it doesn’t seem to matter how many showers she takes, her pussy still keeps leaking cum.

She takes the last day off to recover, and she packs and prepares to leave the following day. Early the next nothing though, right before she leaves to check out, Rachel finds John and a few other of the black men, the ones that had the biggest cocks, knocking at her door. John smiles, claiming they all had something to give your girlfriend for her to take home with her. Rachel let’s them in, and the moment the door closes they start taking her clothes off, kissing and touching her all over.

Rachel quickly gives in, is helped into a pile-driver position, and one by one, all five of them fuck and cum balls-deep in her pussy. Rachel winds up having multiple squirting orgasms on each cock. John still has one surprise left for her though. He goes last, and after he’s done, he pushes a diaphragm into your girlfriend’s pussy, helps her to stand up, then smacks her bubble butt just to watch it jiggle.

She asks what the diaphragm was for and John tells her it’s to hold the cum inside her until she’s home. Rachel finds the idea of keeping all that cum trapped inside her while she’s about to be ovulating unbearably hot, and kisses him one last time before dropping to her knees and sucking his cock completely clean. Several of the other guys notice her giving out blow jobs, so they surround her once more, this time each of them blowing their load down your girlfriend’s throat.

Since no one bothered to record this morning’s events, Rachel decides to just surprise you instead of telling you anything. She even decides to join the mile high club with the man sitting next to her on each of the three flights home, as well as during each of the two layovers. She’s very careful when removing and replacing the diaphragm, trying hard to ensure that none of the cum inside her is lost. By the time she’s heading to the baggage collection from the final flight, Rachel swears she can feel the cum sloshing around inside her as she walks.

When the Uber driver comes to pick her up, she finds herself pleasantly surprised by the very attractive, very muscular, and as she found out on the way home, very well hung driver, adding yet another load of cum to the copious amount already inside her.

When Rachel arrives home in the middle of the night, she tells you to wait downstairs until she calls you, as she has a surprise for you. You rush upstairs the moment she calls you to find her naked on the bed, although she stops you as you take off your pants and climb onto the bed.

She explains that you have to find her surprise first before you can fuck her, and you begin searching the room in earnest while you’re girlfriend plays with her clit and nipples, moaning at you to hurry up.

After about ten minutes you tell her you can’t find it, and she spreads her legs wide and tells you to try a cavity search. You insert two fingers into her very wet pussy, reaching in until your fingers hit the diaphragm. She smiles and tells you what happened, watching your cock stiffen as she talks. Rachel then gives you a “fun” choice, you can either remove the diaphragm and fuck the cum back into her, or leave the diaphragm in while you fuck her. She then points out that she’s ovulating today, since she stopped taking her birth control four weeks ago.

“So what’s it going to be mi amor? Are you going to leave all that cum from those strangers, most of them black men, in my very fertile pussy? Or are you going to take the diaphragm out and take the risk that you’ll fuck the cum in even deeper?” Rachel says with a moan, writhing sexily on the bed on front of you.