Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You can see John’s huge hand tighten around your girlfriend’s throat enough for her eyes to bulge a little and her tongue to involuntarily protrude from her mouth. The skin on her neck under John’s titan hand is white and Rachel is making interrupted gurgling noises, all while wheezing for air.

“Fucking cunt! I’m gonna show you the meaning of terror for your act of blatant disrespect and challenge to your master, Rachel!” John says as he literally lifts your girlfriend up using her throat. You can see her ass cheeks are off the mattress, her partial weight not held up by John’s grip around her throat supported by her stiff-as-a-board legs that are shaking uncontrollably from the pain and sudden stoppage of oxygen and blood flow inside her body.

Your cock shoots out cum like a fucking hydrant. Jet after thick jet of opaque cum spurting to the floor in front of your seat. It feels like the sprays start inside your stomach they are so powerful. You almost pass out watching your girlfriend being choked and lifted up by her boss’s unnatural strength. You quickly lean back and take deep breaths as your cock continues to spray cum all over yourself.

Who knew watching your half-naked girlfriend of eight years, mother to your two boys being strangled by her boss would make you so fucking hot!

“Pleeeeaasssee…” Rachel says as her tiny hands attempt to loosen her boss’s — nay her master’s now — hands from around her neck.

“Please what? What can you possibly say to me that would make me take any pity on you?” John says so menacingly you get worried he might actually strangle your girlfriend to death. Your cock spurts a few more times at the thought…

“Please… I will… serve you forever… forsake everything and everything… please… master… please forgive this wretched beast…” your beautiful suffocating girlfriend says and passes out. Her wispy blonde hair is matted with sweat and it looks like she might have pissed herself.

John lowers Rachel’s body back to the bed and rubs her throat for a couple minutes. She eventually returns to consciousness and gasps loudly, coughing and gagging. She pushes out of her mouth thick mucus-like drool that runs down her chin and cheeks to flow over her master’s gigantic fingers.

“I’ll forgive you and allow you just one more chance, my insolent breeder… to please me,” John says to your girlfriend whose body is starting to calm down.

“Oh thank you master… thank you for this second chance. I will never refuse anything ever again… I will obey your commands until you give me the next command. Please… please use me and do with me as you please!” Rachel says pleadingly to her former boss.

Your cock twitches again even after you just came more in one load than you’ve cum in the past year from the hundreds of times you jacked your tiny dick.

“Good. It looks like you got the message, but you still need to be punished for your insolence. Strip down naked and kneel at my feet,” John says to her.

Without a word, your girlfriend strips down and is kneeling in front of John with her head bowed down.

“Get on all fours,” John says in a steely voice that makes you shudder. Rachel complies smoothly.

John reaches down with his hand, grabbing and covering an entire ass cheek with just one hand and squeezes until she cries out in pain. Then he squeezes more until she screams.

“Mmmm…” John grunts in satisfaction. Then he grabs the other cheek with his other hand and does the same thing until your girlfriend is slobbering and snorting from crying so hard… the only thing you can think is it must be excruciating pain to make Rachel lose control. Even when she gave birth to your boys she didn’t cry or scream like that.

John grabs both cheeks hard, and just when you think he’s gonna crush your girlfriend’s ass cheeks and hip bones, he pulls his hands to either side, pulling her asshole and pussy apart. Your girlfriend screams again from her skin being stretched so hard.

John holds her cheeks apart like that until her scream turns into a loud sob. He’s pulling her cheeks apart so hard they are both gaped about an inch. You swear you can see directly into her body.

John lets her ass cheeks go and quickly jams his two middle fingers into your girlfriend’s pussy as far as they will go. Judging by the size of his hands, each of John’s fingers are longer and thicker than your four inch cock by at least an inch. Rachel screams again from the abrupt and violent penetration.

John begins a rapid finger fuck of your girlfriend’s once tight as a rat’s ass pussy. His fingers are so fast they are just a blur. And just as abruptly as he started, he stops and jams them into your girlfriend’s body as hard as he can.

John withdraws them slightly and inserts his two other fingers into her pussy making her grunt like a wild animal.

With all four of his fingers buried inside your girlfriend’s once small pussy to the final knuckle, and his massive thumb gripping her coccyx, John reaches under her chest, and using her right tit as a convenient grip, lifts her up off the bed like he was lifting a pillow.

“Oh my God! Aaaahhhhh!” Rachel screams.

“That’s right my little obstinate breeding slave… feel the pain of disobedience!” John says.

Your cock dribbles some more cum at the abuse of your girlfriend by her boss. Your balls hurt more than at any other time in your life. Not even the couple of times you got kneed in the groin for grabbing women’s tits when you were in college.

John moves her up and down, raises her to the ceiling and uses her a barbell, all the while your girlfriend is whimpering and screaming in pain.

John finally relents and in one smooth motions throws her onto the massive bed face-down. She flies forward and lands spread eagle on the bed, John’s fingers sliding out of her as he throws her.

Rachel lands on the bed and bounces once. Her body is limp because she passed out.