Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Huang Suave...)

You pull one of Monica’s soft cheeks to the side and spot her little star. A devious thought enters your head and without a second thought you line up the shot. Monica, having received a premonition of dread, looks back to see you, with your rape face plastered on again, cocked back and ready fire. Before she can say anything you slam forward, achieving a small orgasm when your hips slap against her wobbling cheeks.

Monica is too stunned to say anything, not many words come to mind when you have nearly a foot of solid cock up the rectum. Well not many besides a few expletives, and Monica was raised proper-like and didn’t really pick up swearing. You moan and press forward even more, your slightly swollen sack bumping into her clitoris. You pull out completely with overly satisfying ‘pop’ and immediately push back in.

Monica, finally catching up the situation, lets out a low groan and pulls away somewhat. You grab her wide hips and pull her right back. Not wasting a moment you begin to plow her in a frenzy. The woods, which were before filled with the chirps of birds and gently rustle of trees, are now filled with the sound of your hips slapping against Monica’s magnificent ass and both your girlfriend’s and Monica’s ceaseless moaning.

Monica, who you assumed to be a butt virgin, turns out to be a real butt slut. She slams her hips back with every thrust, making her cheeks jiggle even more.

You grab two good handfuls off her ass and continue to make the sweetest of love to her. “You uh,… you like that, slut?” you say, your fake voice faltering somewhat.

“Yes!” she screams in between her fervent moans. Yep, guess you’re so good at the sex that it’s now impossible to rape someone. Not that you’re going to try, that is.

You continue to ravage Monica’s chute, pulling her up and pressing your chest against her back. Your thrusts are becoming so hard that with each powerful pump she’s being lifted off her feet. In a moment her moan elongates and her honeypot erupts with girl cum. “Oh gosh, you’re so good!” she says while you still pound away.

“I’m… uh, aware bitch,” you stammer. You feel your own “special” moment not too far off.

“Keep calling me that, I love it.”

“Shut up…. you… uh… whore!” Under the stress you couldn’t quite come up with a better reply.

You fill your palm with one of her small but appreciable tits and keep going at it. You could do this all day.

“Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, oh-” she goes off in rapid fire as another orgasm overtakes her. Her anus, which was already tight, becomes almost vice-like as her body constricts.

“I’m uh… cumming!” you rumble.

She turns as best she can and cups your cheek. “Do it, Ross.”

Her small hand knocks off your mask and her soft lips meet yours. You’re left speechless at both the fact she knew it was you and also because one of the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever had is currently ripping through your body. You send what feels like gallons of nut butter up her well-worn ass. You almost feel ready to pass out, but it doesn’t stop. But when it does you have a hard time keeping on your feet.

And there you stand, two completely naked people in the woods, connected by a kiss and a cock up the butt. The only thing that breaks the silence is your girlfriend’s (bet you forgot about her) own loud orgasm.

“How’d you know it was me?” you ask.

“Besides the fact it only covers half your face, no one else would rape me wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask.”

You probably should’ve listened when your reasonable part told you to wear a ski mask. “Well uh, no hard feelings?” you ask meekly.

“Only if we can do this more often.”

“I second that,” says Rachel from a sweaty pile somewhere to the right.

“Well, I suppose we should get going,” you say pulling out, letting a copious amount of your seed run down Monica’s legs.

She shudders but holds your arm. “Actually I’ll need a ride, my car ran out of gas on the way here,” she says.

So you gather up your girlfriend and you all go home for a meal and a good old-fashioned butt fucking.

The End