Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“No… I think secret rendezvous throughout the night is probably better… best for everyone to not know about what the other has done or not done with you…” you say, feeling a bit deflated.

You call your usual guys, Jamie, Mark, Bob, and Chris. The two guys Rachel called didn’t answer so she calls her boss John, who agrees to come.

Friday night comes and all the players arrive on time. Everyone is sitting down at the table getting settled, buying in for chips, and chatting when your beautiful blonde, blue-eyed girlfriend walks in wearing a red, very low cut v-neck dress that ends well above her knees and has a slit on either side of her thighs that goes up to her hips. If she swayed too hard, the guys would get a nice look.

“Holy shit!” Jamie says out loud. All eyes turn to stare at your girlfriend.

“Hi boys!” Rachel says sensuously. “Hope you don’t mind if I hang around and serve drinks and snacks?” Rachel says with a genuine looking smile.

“That would be amazing Rachel!” her boss John says.

Your friends all nod their heads so hard you’re afraid they might just nod them off their shoulders!

“Alright guys, enough staring. She’ll be here all night. Now let’s get this game started!” you say and start dealing the cards.