Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

A couple weeks go by with no videos or pics from your girlfriend at work with her boss John. You’re trying to decide if you’re gonna get Chinese or a sandwich for lunch when you get three text messages in a row.

“We did it Ross! We got the contract and John is making me head of that department!”

“Oh my god! John is tripling my salary! With bonuses! It’s gonna be like $500k when all is said and done! Let’s celebrate!”

The third text message comes about an hour after the second.

“Oh my God… hope you don’t get mad at me… I asked John to make another racy sexy video to send to you and we got a bit carried away… please don’t be mad at me. Look at your email and let me know what you think afterwards. I love you so much baby! Xoxoxo!”

You lock your office door and flip open your personal laptop to see an email with a huge attachment. It’s almost ten gigabytes and when you open it, it’s a video file nearly an hour long. You click it open and watch in curiosity.

“We did it! We did it!” Your girlfriend and her boss are holding hands and literally jumping up and down. They then embrace and John’s hands are all over her body. Her upper back, her lower back, her ass…

“John?… why are you touching my butt?” your girlfriend says without letting go of her embrace with him.

“Mmmm… Rachel… your body feels so amazing… I just can’t help it. I’ve been so tense these last couple of weeks. I just… just need a very close embrace. I hope you don’t mind,” John says as his huge hands knead your girlfriend’s toned ass cheeks, one in each hand.

“Oh John, it feels good for me too. But we’re with other people. We can’t be doing this!” your girlfriend says as her head leans back. Her eyes are closed, her lips are formed into an “O” and her shoulder length blonde hair hangs behind her like rays of sunshine.

“Just a little longer Rachel, I promise… we can stop embracing whenever you want to. I know you need this too,” John says as his hands begin to roam all over your girlfriend’s tightly toned body. She works hard to stay fit with yoga, stretching, cardio, and weight training everyday. You’d never know she gave birth to two children.

“Okay… I do need this… as long as we stop when I say… and just embracing each other,” Rachel says as her hands begin to roam as well.

“Of course Rachel,” John says as his hands drift all over her body. For at least two minutes his hands stay in relatively benign areas of her body — her back and ass, outer thighs, and her shoulders.

It looked as if it was going to slow down, then Rachel’s hand brushes over John’s cock and he grunts, “Nnngghh… oh my God Rachel… do that again!”

Rachel’s hand rices back and forth over his bulge, making his giant cock grow under the expensive fabric of his suit.

John’s hand slides up and grabs a boob, then the other. Massaging expertly, John makes your girlfriend moan in pleasure as he uses his massage skills to make her feel so good.

Suddenly, Rachel’s hands unzip John’s fly and fishes out his giant cock. It looks even bigger than you remember. Using her palm, Rachel rubs up and down.

“Yes! Yes! Keep doing that Rachel!” John says as he pulls the hem of your girlfriend’s blouse out of her pants and reaches up and under. His hands reach around and you know he just I clipped her bra. His hands then reach up and a moan escapes her mouth.

“Oh John… we shouldn’t be doing this… why did I grab your penis out of your pants?” she says and attempts to pull back.

John quickly and smoothly unbuttons her pants, unzips her fly and jams his huge hand down the back of her pants. You can see his hand is inside her panties.

“Oh John!” Rachel says as her small hand wraps around his hard cock.