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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ArtoriasTheAbysswalker...)

“How about the here in the living room?” you suggest. Jamie and Rachel look at you. “I can pull the blinds and will have a more comfortable view of the action,” you add.

Rachel smiles. “I do love getting fucked on a couch,” she says.

“Sure!” Jamie nods. He strips, revealing his cock. Much to your relief, he seems a bit shorter, but a bit thicker. So with your fear of being inadequate assuaged, you sit down on the couch as Rachel drops to her knees and takes Jamie’s cock into her mouth. Jamie moans loudly and slowly moves his hips. Rachel deepthroats his cock and he shoots his first of many down her throat.

“Jamie, sit on the couch, I wanna fuck you now!” Rachel says, lust in her eyes. Jamie nods and sits down and Rachel sits in his lap facing him.

“Ready?” he asks. Rachel nods before she slides down on his cock, eliciting a blissful moan from your girlfriend.

“Oh fuck Jamie! You’re so thick!” Rachel moans. Jamie says nothing and thrusts hard. You watch, your cock getting hard, when the door bell rings.

You look at them, only for Jamie to wink. “It’s for you, bro.”