Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

Rachel smiles at you, “I’m so turned on. Would you lick me, I need to cum again.”

You nervously start to kiss her swollen cunt as your cum is oozing out of it. After an initial hesitancy you realize it doesn’t taste too bad and delve in deeper, pushing Rachel further along the kitchen table. As you look up you realize the light has come on in the neighbor opposite’s upstairs room overlooking Monica’s garden and huge patio windows.

Rachel is facing you and can’t see the light. You desperately want to look to see if anyone is there but your view is obstructed by your girlfriend’s body.

Your mind is quickly trying to work out the angles. It’s obvious if anyone does look out that they will see Rachel in all her glory getting eaten out. You are instantly hard with the thought if it. As Rachel rides your mouth and reaches orgasm you can feel your cock as hard as it’s ever been pushing against the table.

Is anyone watching? Is it a man, a woman, both?

Rachel brings you out of your thoughts as she comes down from her high. Slowly she close her legs over one another and starts to turn over, as you pull away.

As she gets up on her knees she looks up. “Oh fuck, the lights on!” she practically shouts. Strangely she doesn’t scramble off the table as you were expecting. Rachel turns and looks at you, “Did they see us? Did they see us?”

You look back at Rachel, hiding your erection from the window. “No idea, I only saw the light come on about ten minutes ago. I haven’t see anyone but I didn’t get a good view”

Rachel still has not moved, as she looks up to the window. “I can’t see anyone, ” she says sliding down the kitchen table until her feet are on the ground. Rachel places her hands on the table again and pushes out her bum.

Her tits are pointed towards the window. “Oh God, can you fuck me again?”

You are worried about the window but can’t deny your erection. You enter your soaking girlfriend easily and start the push in and out furiously, both of you entranced by the empty lit window opposite.

It doesn’t take you long to start to reach orgasm, which happens just as a man around your age appears at the window. As you try and duck, Rachel orgasms powerfully, her eyes now closed as she bucks against you. Embarrassed, you try not to look at the window. If he looked out he’s just seen your naked girlfriend getting fucked. You finally sneak a look at the window and thankfully he’s not there.

Rachel turns and smiles at you as you pull out. “I think we might have got busted!” she giggles, running into the living room to get her clothes.

Ten minutes later you are back in your own home.

“Wow! What a night!” You can’t wait for your girlfriend’s next risky adventure.