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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“I’m fine honey, it’s just when I see you like this, I get so horny. I just want to fuck you right now!”

Aunt Vera glances at you over her shoulder as she finish tying the ropes around Rachel’s ass. “Oh no,” she says, “we can’t have you spoil the main course before the guests arrive. Carol, will you please give him a hand?”

“Sure,” says Carol, and slumps down in the couch beside you. She puts her hand on your crouch and feels your hard on through your pants with her fingers. “You don’t mind do you, cousin?”

You have a quick glance at your girlfriend being all tied up on the dinner table. She glances back at you and nods. “It’s all right Ross,” she says and nods. “Just do what you have to.”

That’s the last thing Rachel says for a while. “Open your mouth wide,” says Aunt Vera, pushing an apple into her mouth.