Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

“I’m up for a lot of dancing tonight if you are. I’m very drunk. If you need help, I’m okay with that.”

As Jamie stands to puts on his coat, you fumble around for the words. “It was good last week wasn’t it?”

Jamie smiles at you, the alcohol making him a bit braver, and laughs, “Yeah mate, really good, I can’t wait for next New Years party!”

As you reach the door, you casually say to Jamie, “Rachel wants to practice her dancing again tonight.”

Jamie smiles at you. “You are a very lucky man, enjoy it.”

“Cheers I will.”

Jamie takes this as signal to leave. “See you later mate,” he says, starting to walk off in the opposite direction towards his house. After a few steps he turns and smiles at you, “Oh, and if you need help with the dancing, give me a call.”

As you contemplate saying something it’s too late, Jamie is off.

As you walk home you quickly text Rachel. “Only me for dancing. Hope that’s okay xx”

Rachel doesn’t reply.

As you enter the house you are met with a sight you did not expect. Rachel is fully clothed sitting on the settee nursing a glass of red wine.

“Hi,” you start, a bit uncertain.

“Oh, hi,” she smiles sadly.

“What’s the matter?” you ask.

After the obligatory “nothings” Rachel finally cracks. “It’s just… I’ve messed everything up. I’ve upset you by acting like a slut with Jamie and Dave and then made it worse by offering to do it again and you and Jamie saying no. I’m so sorry, please forgive me.”

Shocked, you look at Rachel. “No, no, you got it all wrong. I got really turned on last week. It did feel a little weird tonight but we got over it. Jamie definitely would have. I wanted to ask him but I was embarrassed. It was me not Jamie, but not because I don’t want to.”

Rachel looks at you. “That’s nice to say, but Jamie didn’t want me, Dave doesn’t want me.”

“No, no that’s not true.” Frantically you pull out your phone and text Jamie. “Mate, do you want to go dancing with me and Rachel tomorrow?”

Instantly a reply comes through. “Yes DEFINITELY, 8pm okay?”

You smile at Rachel, turn your phone towards her in triumph, knowing you were right. Rachel reads it and smiles as she grabs you.

“I thought no one wanted me, but he does! I love you! Thank you, thank you. I suppose I felt a bit unloved, you know what I mean? I heard at the party that Dave sniffed around the married women he fucks for a few weeks after but he hasn’t texted me or called.

You look surprised at Rachel. Would she have told you if he had? “Wait, how would he have your number?”

Rachel looks embarrassed at you. “He asked at the party. He said so he could keep in touch. I gave him it before it became more serious. It was only my number I gave him.”

“Which one did you give him?”

Rachel looks at you blankly.

“Well it was New Year’s Eve, you only had your new phone a week so did you know your new number?”

Rachel laughs, “No! I only switched it over this week, but can’t get my old messages on it . Where’s my old phone?”

Ten minutes later Rachel grins at you, “Oh my God!” she says. “5 unread messages!”

“Hi, it’s Dave, just in case I forget to send you my number. Nice meeting you tonight.”

“Last night was amazing, your boyfriend is a lucky man. No one has taken me fully before. I would love to get with you again. Call me x”

“I really want to feel my big hard cock inside of you. I want to fuck you and fuck you until you scream. Call me x”

“Just wondering if you want to meet up. Free tonight. It’s just a bit of fun. Let me know x”

“Hi, I guess it’s a no. I’ll stop messaging but if you ever want no strings sex my big cock is always ready and waiting for you x”

Rachel looks at you. “Oh. Wow! He did like it! Should I reply?”

You look at Rachel, drunk but now very happy and high on adrenaline. “Er, what do you want to reply?”

Rachel looks at you sheepishly. “ Dave has a huge cock. I wish we hadn’t said yes to Jamie now to be honest. Far less complicated with Dave.”

“Do you want me to call it off with Jamie?” you ask.

Rachel looks at you and thinks for a minute. “I could text Dave and invite him over tomorrow as well or I could meet up with him on Sunday night? What do you think is best?”

You notice the choice your girlfriend has given you is whether to fuck Dave and Jamie on Saturday, or Jamie on Saturday and Dave on Sunday. No option to say no this time.